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    Good Morning to Everyone!

    At the JG Whittier Middle School, we believe that we have the best kids and families in the world, and we try our best to serve you with pride and honor. I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank all our families for your continued support, and working with us to assist your child in reaching their utmost potential.

    We believe we have created an excellent team that supports students and families in an incredibly personal way. We try each day to focus on one student, one family and one challenge at a time.

    Academically, our staff utilizes their expertise and resources in striving to reach each one of your students in the most effective and creative ways possible.

    Our efforts are beginning to pay off!

    Here are some of the amazing results of your commitment/skills and dedication to the JG Whittier and its success……………

    Thank you again for helping us to make incredible progress this past year. The best is yet to come!

    2016 Test Scores Summary of Results

    JG Whittier jumps 10% in state ranking, from 25 to 35 percentile! This means we passed over 10% of all middle schools statewide!

    If there were no “Opt outs” for PARCC testing, (8) and we achieved the participation rate for 2 categories, as well as meeting a target for 1 sub group (missed it by 3 points) we would have achieved Level 1 status this year!

    We narrowly missed achieving it, but I am confident that we will get it this year!

    Proficiency Gap Narrowing (Composite Performance Index)

    • ELA: CPI rose from 74.0 to 83.3, a 9.3% increase.
    • Math: CPI rose from 67.1 to 70.8, a 3.7% increase.
    • Science: CPI rose from 72.2 to 72.6, a .2 increase.

    Extra Credit

    We received extra credit points for lowering the amount of students in the failing category, and for increasing the amount of students in the Advanced category.

    • ELA: Advanced went from 4.6-8.0%
      • Warning dropped from 17.4 to 9.
    • Math: Advanced went from 15.1-18.9%
      • Warning dropped from 25.9 to 23.7
    • Science: Advanced dropped from 11.2-8.4%
      • Warning dropped from 15.9 to 15.8%

    Student Growth

    • ELA: SGP rose from 26.0 to 50.0 a 24% increase.
    • Math: SGP rose from 41.0 to 52.0 an 11.0% increase.

    Performance Target Scores

    The magic number for PTS is 75.

    • All students 71
    • High Needs 70
    • Special Ed. 78

    With your help, the JG Whittier has successfully attained one of the highest performance increases in the district this year, and it is due to everyone’s willingness to take the time needed to reach each student at their individual levels of need.

    Thank you again, and congratulations on a job well done!

    It is my pleasure to be able to proudly and humbly share in your success.

    Sincerely yours,

    Brian Gill, Principal


    Link to PDF document: Good morning to everyone


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