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  • Haverhill Public School Technology Survey

    Dear Parents of Haverhill students,

    During this time of uncertainty, we are looking to make sure we can continue to provide educational opportunities for all of our students to learn.  We are researching many options to provide educational programming to our families and that may look different for each classroom or school.

    Some of these options may include distance based learning through computers.  As such, we are attaching a technology survey for you to complete. This is an urgent request that we ask all families to complete before Sunday, March 29th at 12 pm so we can identify if students and teachers have the ability to be in contact through Google Classroom, videos, and other curriculum programs.

    We realize that this digital form may not reach all of our affected families, so we are reaching out to individual families that have not had direct contact with teachers during this closure.

    Due to the limited mobile devices resources available, please fill out this form as completely and honestly as possible so we can properly identify those individuals who truly need assistance.

    Please follow this link to the survey: https://bit.ly/HPS-Device-Survey

    Thank you,


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