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JG Whittier Mission Statement

Mission Statement

John Greenleaf Whittier Middle School strives to be a community of learners dedicated to educating adolescents. We are preparing children for the future by providing differentiated education, which will encourage all to be responsible, active, respectful, and tolerant members of our school and society. We provide a safe atmosphere that is intellectually challenging and that recognizes the student’s physical, emotional, social, and academic needs. Frequent and open communication is encouraged to help ensure the effectiveness of the education we provide. We believe that it is the responsibility of the entire school community to share in the education of the middle-school child.


JGW 2018-2019 Good Citizenship Program Manual


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  • Attention 8th Grade Families….

    The application deadline for Whittier Tech. is Friday, January 12th.  If your child is interested in applying but has not yet applied, please apply online at http://www.whittiertech.org.  If you have any questions, please contact Mrs. Vlahos at jvlahos@haverhill-ps.org or 978-374-5782.​

  • Discovery Club Update

  • No Shave November SUCCESS!

    November is over, and the men can shave again…if they so choose. The majority of the male staff at JGW put their razor’s down for the month to raise awareness and money for the American Cancer Society. This year was our 4th year doing so, but the first that we involved the students. We held a “penny war” where students got to bring in loose change to donate into a jar with one of the staff members pictures on it. The winning staff member had to do something embarrassing. Below you will find a before and after picture of the staff who participated along with, Mr. Lewis, who won the competition and certainly was a good sport when it came to doing something embarrassing.

    Most importantly, with the help of the student body, we managed to raise the most money that we ever have during this fundraiser. This year we were able to raise $645! Now after 4 years of this event, we have donated a total of $1,735 to the American Cancer Society!


  • Discovery Club Update

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  • Mixed Bag Fundraiser

    Good afternoon. I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving.

    Below is an important notice from the JG Whittier PTO about the Mixed Bag Fundraiser.

    “The Mixed Bag items are in. Please review the order carefully, if there are any missing or damaged items please contact the PTO at jgwhittierpto@gmail.com.”

    Thank you.

    Brian Gill


    Many of our male staff members have decided to stop shaving to raise money for cancer and cancer research. This is our 4th year of doing this. Over the first 3 years, we have raised $1,080. This year we are asking for the students help!

    We are currently having a “Penny War.” Each staff member that is participating has a 1 gallon jug with their face on it. We are asking students to bring in donations which only consist of spare change to put in the jug of the staff member they’d like to see “win.”

    For every penny donated, it will be worth 1 point for that particular staff member. If nickels, dimes, or quarters are donated, they should be put in the jugs of staff members that students do not want to win because they are worth -5, -10, and -25 points respectively.

    At the end of the month, the staff member with the most points….not necessarily the most money will win! What will they win you ask…Well, it’s really the students who will win because this particular staff member will have to do something embarrassing in front of the entire student body. Stay tuned for what that may be!

    The most important thing is that at the end of the month, all of the money raised will be donated directly to the American Cancer Society to benefit cancer research. This is something that has affected all of our lives in some way. Now it is time that we do our part to raise money to help out while having a little fun doing it.

    Please search those couch cushions and car seats and bring in your spare change to fill our jugs at lunch time each day! Thanks for all of your help!

    Here is our “Before” picture. Please stay tuned for the “After” picture…


    On Thursday, November 9th, sixth graders participated in a project to honor veterans.  Based on the History Channel’s “Mission to Honor:  Take a Vet to School” program, students hosted an assembly to show their gratitude and appreciation for veterans. After the assembly, students got the opportunity to interview a veteran.


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