Hello JGW Community, 


As my final days wind down here at J.G. Whittier, I have been reflecting on my 12 years as a member of this incredible school community. 

I am extremely grateful for the experience and opportunity that I have been afforded to work with so many amazing students, staff, and families! I want to say thank you to all of the students and families past and present who have supported me, challenged me, made me smile, made me question myself, but most of all…made me want to continue to grow and improve in this profession to always do what is best for our students! 

I was still very young when I decided to change careers and get into education here at J.G. Whittier. It has been an incredible ride with so many ups and downs, but what I will always respect and appreciate is the passion that our community has shown to the students of JGW. 

We are only as successful as the strength in our partnership between school and families! As educators, we get into this profession to help guide, inspire, and mold our students in hopes that they become successful individuals in their life and profession moving forward. We are only able to do our jobs to the best of our ability with the support and partnership of the families in our community. You as parents and guardians are the experts of your children. You entrust us in the schools to keep your children safe and to educate them and help them become successful. I have always taken a great deal of pride in that. 

I urge you all to continue to communicate, support, and advocate for your students. I respect and value every relationship that I have made with everyone in the JGW community over the past 12 years. 

While this is a bittersweet moment for me, I hope that you all understand that it is my intent to carry my JGW experience with me and be able to share all that I have learned and how I have grown with a new school community within Haverhill. At the same time, I hope that you all take the opportunity to get to know, embrace, and support JGW’s new Principal, Mr. Condon. I am confident that I am leaving JGW in very good, capable and experienced hands. 

I will close by once again saying thank you, thank you, thank you for your continued support, kind words, and partnership over the years. I will miss JGW immensely, but am excited to share my passion and commitment with the Hunking community. 

I will not be far, so don’t be strangers. I’ll be seeing you…


With gratitude, 


Tim Betty