J.G. Whittier Middle School

JG Whittier Mission Statement

Mission Statement

John Greenleaf Whittier Middle School strives to be a community of learners dedicated to educating adolescents. We are preparing children for the future by providing differentiated education, which will encourage all to be responsible, active, respectful, and tolerant members of our school and society. We provide a safe atmosphere that is intellectually challenging and that recognizes the student’s physical, emotional, social, and academic needs. Frequent and open communication is encouraged to help ensure the effectiveness of the education we provide. We believe that it is the responsibility of the entire school community to share in the education of the middle-school child.


SY 2019-2020 Community Eligibility Provision



JGW 2018-2019 Good Citizenship Program Manual


  • Remote Learning (Letter to Families)

    Hello JGW Families,

    I hope this letter/email finds everyone is healthy and doing well at home. Thank you for all the support you have given to us as we navigate through this difficult time.  We are happy to announce that “remote learning school” will start tomorrow, Monday, April 6, 2020. Classroom teachers will use Google Classroom to connect with your children while learning from home. Below you will find links to each of the 4 grade’s schedules:

    Grade5: Grade 5 Schedule – Sheet1

    Grade 6: Copy of 6th Grade Remote Learning Schedule – 6th Grade Remote Learning

    Grade 7: JGW 7th Grade Remote Learning Schedule

    Grade 8:Grade 8 Schedule – Sheet1

    Please note, the school day will be three hours per day.  We know families are busy and your child may need to view or complete an assignment at a different time that works best for your family. However, the schedule should be flexible enough to accommodate your family routine. There will be independent work, projects, videos and specialists’ assignments for students to complete. Some of these lessons could be held live by one of your student’s teachers.  A classroom teacher or another staff member will also be available to your child weekly to provide support with learning at home. A schedule for “office hours” has been included with the grade level schedules above. This contact may be by phone (may appear as blocked or no caller ID), email, classroom phone app, or online in the Google Classroom web service. If you need access to Google Classroom, please get in touch with your child’s teacher to request your child’s email and password. I am also including notices for “consent to tape”. Please review these documents and be in touch with me ONLY if you DO NOT give consent:

    consent to tape (1) (2)

    consent to tape in spanish

    As always, I am available for any questions you may have (tbetty@haverhill-ps.org). All other emails are found on the school homepage under the staff listing tab.

    Please note that we will not have school on Good Friday, April 10th,  and April Vacation (April 20th to 24th) week as noted in the HPS School Calendar.

    I am also including the district letter (in English and Spanish) on remote learning for your review as well (please see links below):

    HPS Remote Learning – ENG (4)

    HPS Remote Learning – SP (3) (1)

    Please know we are all working together to provide the very best education we can during this challenging time. The first week of school will be a time to relearn class rules, adjust to online learning and become comfortable with our new learning environment.  Students will now be graded during this time on a credit/no credit basis. Please be patient as we anticipate that adjustments may be necessary to refine this new learning environment as we progress through this. Your continued patience and understanding is greatly appreciated as we navigate this new territory all together.

    Stay safe and well.

    Tim Betty

    Assistant Principal

  • Weekly Update (4/6-4/9)

    Hello JGW Families,

    As we move toward our new “remote learning” schedule starting Monday, April 6th, here is a message from staff about what to expect:

    GRADE 5: 

    Ms. MacDonald: Math and science : Assignments will be posted on Monday and due on Friday. Log into Google Classroom and read through the expectations. A video lesson will be posted, along with accompanying assignments. email: jamie.macdonald@haverhill-ps.org
    Mr. MarinellaI’m using google classroom for both of my classes. History- Since we did not meet everyday in school, i am not doing daily assignments. Instead I am putting up longer, research based projects on that should take some time to complete and keep them busy. English- I am posting a few days week (maybe 2 readings, and a discussion/writing piece) , reminding students to continue to read and journal using google or just regular notebooks. I am also adding reading assignments with questions, and practice MCAS-type assignments, and readworks. I added all my parents to their kids google classroom so they can get updates on info and assignments being posted. Parents and students, are encouraged to email or comment on the assignment with any questions or concerns. I am using readings, and videos to supplement material that would otherwise be direct instruction. A lot of students and parents have been in contact which is great, I just am reminding them to check the google classroom a few times a week for each class to see what is needed.
    Ms. SanguedolceHello! I have set up a Google Classroom to provide my classwork, and I’ll be using Google Meets on Mondays to introduce the work for the week. I will meet with each color group separately. You will receive an invite for those virtual meetings. During our first meeting, I will go over the expectations for the meetings and the school work. I will assign all work on Monday, and it will be due on Friday. The students can work on it daily or in chunks. There will also be extra work posted for anyone needing additional challenges. Office hours are available everyday for anyone needing extra help. Please email me with any specific questions or concerns. Stay safe, happy, and healthy!
    Mrs. SimesWe will continue our Google Meets, please make sure that your student checks “Stream” on Google Classroom for the times and link information.  Assignments for the week are organized within the “Week of 4/6.”  Students are continuing working on creating their poetry portfolios from our “live” meets.  Using their knowledge of figurative language/literary devices, they are reading and analyzing different poems; looking at the poem’s structure and rhythm, how the title relates to the poem, understanding the speaker’s point of view, addressing the mood and tone, paraphrasing the poem, and identifying the theme.  Students have created a limerick poem, an acrostic poem, and a poem with onomatopoeia.  Students are reading “The Great Gilly Hopkins” and are completing writing tasks (comprehension questions, identifying figurative language, summarizing, et. al.) related to each chapter read.  Also, students have also been told about journaling about their life during this unprecedented time.  We have talked about primary sources in class and their journals could be primary sources for future generations.
    Ms. LeesMiss Lees in fifth grade will be with Mr. Marinella and Mrs. Simes for ELA and with Mrs. Sanguedolce and Ms. MacDonald for Math – Orange and Purple groups. If students and their parents of her small groups would like to set up weekly phone appointments to check in, she will be sending out emails to schedule them this week. She is available in Google Classroom for questions about ELA, Math, and Social Studies to support all assignments. Just email your questions through Google. Resource pages for educational websites and supports have been emailed and are available upon request. Students who have a Lexia Account should be working on their reading skills 45 to 60 minutes per week (10 – 15 minutes a day). This is an ongoing weekly assignment and students will be given credit for their work with Lexia. — I wish we were all in school together but we’ll stay connected through our on-line classrooms.
    GRADE 6:
    Mr. TaylorRed and orange group ela- Assignments are posted in google classroom in the classwork section. There are also messages posted in the stream for students to access as far as where they can find assignments. I’ve added a new website, noredink.com, to help work on some writing. The class codes for the different groups have been posted in the stream. Yellow and orange group social studies – no work is being posted yet. Keep watching the news to stay updated on the current global situation. Some geography work will be posted within the next couple of days.
    Ms. SargentHello.  Starting Monday I will be sending work via email to all the email addresses I have. My list has been updated so if you do not receive anything please email me to let me know and I will add you. I will also be using Google Classroom Google Calendar and having Google Meets. If your child has questions on anything that I send out I would ask that he/she email me. If you would rather a call please e-mail the question along with a phone number and I will get back to you.
    Ms. DelongWe will be working in the Google Classroom in both Science and Social Studies. In Science we will be taking a look at cells and working on materials from Stemscopes. In Social Studies, we will be starting an Ancient Civilization research project. Students will also be continuing to write in their COVID-19 journals. My office hours are Monday-Friday from 12-1pm, and I am always available via email.

    Mrs. RuberaTo help students learn, I will be using the following:

    • G Suite (on the HPS Launchpad) 
      • Google Classroom
      • Google Meet
      • Google Calendar
    • ClassLink (on the HPS Launchpad)
    • jrubera.wordpress.com (my website/blog)
    To communicate with families, I send out a weekly e-mail on Sunday night with an overview for the week.  That e-mail is also included on my website/blog, jrubera.wordpress.com.  You can subscribe to my website/blog to receive a notification every time I post, or you can e-mail me at jrubera@haverhill-ps.org so I can add you to the family contact list.  Families can also follow me on instagram:  @jrubera10, Twitter:  @jrubera, or TikTok:  @j.rubera for fun ways to stay connected.  
    Mrs. AylwardNext week as we start remote learning, we are going to get back to where we were when all of this started. For reading, we are going to get back into reading Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, with a focus on the hero’s journey and figurative language. For writing, since it is National Poetry Month, we will, of course, be writing some amazing poetry!
    Mrs. GuistiMrs. Guisti is working with the grade 6 teachers to be informed of all classroom assignments in order to work with any students that receive services from her or from support staff.  Mrs. Guisti, Ms. Blanchette, and Ms. Cronin will be available to adjust/modify assignments in order to meet students needs.  Mrs. Guisti will also be working with small groups of students via Google meet and during office hours to review and reinforce skills as well as to clarify assignments.  Mrs. Guisti is also offering online reading programs for her students who have been using these all year as well as students who wish to try online reading programs to reinforce reading skills.  For Mrs. Guisti’s small ELA groups that see Ms. Aylward, Mrs. Guisti has set up a google classroom in order to assign work on the novel Holes that the students did not complete prior to school closing.  Please reach out to Mrs. Guisti with any questions or concerns at nancy.guisti@haverhill-ps.org.
    GRADE 7:

    Mrs. TromblyMrs. Trombly.‘s math classes will have 2 to 3 assignments per week. They will be posted all on Google classroom with reminders sent through the Remind app and email.  Assignments will be posted in varying ways. Some weeks they will be posted Monday to be finished by Friday at 1 PM, some weeks they will be posted daily. All assignments will be due regardless by Friday’s At 1 PM. If anybody has any questions or any concerns please feel free to email me or message me at anytime. All work will be passed in via Google classroom or you may take a picture of it and email it to me or send it via the Remind app. at 1 PM. If anybody has any questions or any concerns please feel free to email me or message me at anytime. All work will be passed in via Google classroom or you may take a picture of it and email it to me or send it via the Remind app.

    I will be using Google meets And pre-recorded lessons to help students with any concerns they may have. Office hours will be 1 PM Monday through Thursday. Students may contact me at anytime the way they already have been if they have any questions. and pre-recorded lessons to help students with any concerns they may have. Office hours will be 1 PM Monday through Thursday. Students may contact me at anytime the way they already have been if they have any questions.
    Mr. LeGrandI’m using Google Classroom and Google Meet for all my classes. Students are expected to continue working on iReady and complete other assignments from my Google Classroom. All announcements, assignments and assessments will be found in my Google Classroom.   I will share with my students different ways of getting in contact with me if they have any questions or need help completing their assignments.  Please have your child check their Google Classroom daily. You can email me if you have any questions: wlegrand@haverhill-ps.org
    Ms. MarcianoEvery Monday, parents will receive a Newsletter that highlights what students are working on for the week. There will be a task list posted on Google Classroom for students – this will be posted every Monday by 9am. Student are to work through that task list in that specific order. There will be task numbers, assignment names/expectations, due dates and specifics on how to turn in each assignment on the task list. Assignments are expected to be turned in by 1pm on the specific due dates. Students need to make sure they read the directions clearly for every assignment. Ms. Marciano will have “office hours” where she is available for emails/calls/extra help – these office hours will take place Monday-Thursday from 12:00-1:00pm.
    Ms. DiGloriaAll grade 7 Social Studies work will be posted to Google Classroom. There will be 2-3 assignments per week with posted due dates. Ms. DiGloria will be using FlipGrid to walk students through how to use different websites and how to complete assignments, so they can watch videos to help them. She will have “office hours” most days for students to ask questions live, but is always available by email and if students post on the Google Classroom “stream” – there will be a post for every assignment so students can ask questions. All work will ALSO be communicated via email. If you are NOT receiving Ms. DiGloria’s weekly emails (sent on Mondays), please reach out ASAP: krista.digloria@haverhill-ps.org.
    Mrs. BerthiaumeStarting Monday, April 6, 7 Red, 7 Orange, and 7 Yellow ELA classes will on Google Classroom.  If you have questions, please email me. We will be using the myOn app, which is accessed through the launchpad.  I will have instructions for you if you haven’t used it before.

    Mrs. MacKinnon: Hello 7th grade families. I have set up my google classroom and will be using that to post assignments, daily agendas, and online and classroom discussions. We will continue using stemscopes and will be reiterating skills from the past couple weeks. Our two main topics will be geoscience processes and natural hazards. Geoscience process will be due by this Friday, April 10th. And the natural hazards will be due by next Friday April 17th. For those that have finished both assignments already, I will be posting supplemental work to count as extra credit.

    Please stay safe and healthy
    Ms. BilmazesLooking forward to interacting with everyone tomorrow! Please follow the schedule listed for Mrs. Berthiaume and Mrs. Trombly. I am part of their Google classrooms. Any questions, please email me. cbilmazes@haverhill-ps.org
    GRADE 8:

    Mr. BlausteinI hope this finds you as safe and well as can be under the current conditions! As I am sure you have heard Haverhill Public Schools is officially rolling out remote learning as of Monday, April 6, 2020. What this means for my classes is the following:

    ELA- Blue/Yellow- Assignments and communications will take place in the Google classrooms I have set up. We will be reading “The Outsiders”, a digital copy will be made available to students on line. I will post assignments on Mondays and Thursdays. All Assignments are credit/no credit. My ELA office Hours are  M 11-12,  Wednesday 11-12,  Friday 11-12. If questions arise, you may send me an e mail to arrange a phone call.
    Civics- Red/Purple- Assignments are loaded into the McGraw Hill cue in Blocks I will put smaller or “chunked” assignments in the Google classrooms have set up for these groups But you will work through the McGraw Hill cue. All assignments in the cue are open until 6/23/2020and are credit/no credit. I will be assigning new material from Chapter 5 the Legislative Branch, however students are encouraged to complete chapter 4. My Civics office hours are Tuesday 12-1, and Thursday 12-1. If any questions arise, you may send me an e mail to arrange a phone call.
    Mr. HarrisMr. Harris will be moving his classes onto Google Classroom.  Students should already be loaded into the classes, and can access the google classroom through the G Suite on the HPS launchpad.  If there are any questions, issues, or concern please email me at jharris@haverhill-ps.org Math assignments will be a mix of videos, practice problems, and writing assignments.  Please do your best to show your work, and submit work through the google classroom or via email.  Some assignments will still be through the iReady platform – these will still be posted/updated on google classroom. Civics assignments will be a mix of reading and videos, with written assignments.  Please do your best work, submitting assignments through google classroom.  Some assignments may be given through our online platform – these will still be posted/updated on google classroom. I will be holding “office hours” throughout the week and will post notice and links to those hours on the google classroom.  I will also be available via email.
    Mr. LewisMr. Lewis’s ELA class will be held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 11-12. All assignments will be posted via Google Classroom by 10 am. Given the circumstances we are currently all experiencing, we will begin our remote learning by reading The Outsiders! Assignments will focus around guided reading questions, character analysis, and creative writing. My office hours will be Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 9-10am. I will send out a Google Hangout invite via my Classroom stream 10-15 minutes before the scheduled office hours. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me at mlewis@haverhill-ps.org

    Ms. Deblasis: Tomorrow we will be moving to a remote learning model for school.  I will be continuing to send you email updates with any work I will be assigning.  I will also be setting up a Google Classroom for students to access, as well.  I will be available through Google Meets on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12:00-1:00.

    I will also be available from 1:00-2:00 on Wednesday for office hours.  As always, you can reach me at anytime with questions or concerns via email. Thank you very much for your understanding and patience as move into this new phase of learning.
    Mr. Yanoff: My class just finished a project on quadratics and they are working to finish our book so we are ready if there is district final. We have been meeting through google meet and classroom three times a week and probably daily soon.  I have met with some students individually when they need extra help.
    Ms. Brown:Ms. Brown, Ms. Coffin and Ms. Kaiser, will be co-teaching in grade 8 Google classrooms.  We plan on using Google Meets, if a grade 8 special education or ESL student needs more 1:1 assistance with assignments.  We would like to request that your child, or yourself, email us at kbrown1@haverhill-ps.org, scoffin@haverhill-ps.org and m.kaiser@haverhill-ps.org  If you would like to receive a phone call, please email us with your questions, along with a phone number, and we will plan to get back to you.  Ms. Brown’s office hours will be on M,W,F from 1-2.
    Mrs. KaiserGreeting to all my students! I hope you’re doing well as you navigate your online learning! As you continue to work from home, I encourage you to keep some kind of journal or record of your daily experiences. This historic period of time will be remembered for many years to come, and someday you may want to look back on these days from your eighth grade perspectives, through your own personal stories and accounts.  I know you will all be busy with your class assignments, but when you’re ready for a study break, consider taking a virtual field trip or two: Travel west to Monterey, California to check out the Penguin live cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium, https://www.montereybayaquarium.org/animals/live-cams/penguin-cam/ or head south to Baltimore, Maryland to experience the Blacktip Reef Exhibit at The National Aquarium, https://www.aqua.org/Experience/live  These are just a couple ways to virtually connect with nature. The live cams are “the next best thing to being there”! Take care, and keep up the good work!

    MUSIC-Mr. Gariepy: -> Mr. G can be found at whittiermiddlemusic.webs.com, facebook.com/whittiermiddlemusic, or on Instagram @mr.gariepy <-

    This week’s music lesson can be accessed through this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1w5SqgjwQzMmIEUt-QwuF9aBB3dJY04mb?usp=sharing The focus of the week is Music & Mental Health. I made a PowerPoint presentation for the kids to learn about how music affects the brain and what we can do to reduce stress and anxiety through music. At the end of the presentation, I ask the kids to complete a playlist of five of their favorite songs on YouTube. To view the instructions on how to complete the project, click here: https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1r64jPXBTF0YK5r-WemB9csfN1vIguW5PiQFWfWXuDaA/edit?usp=sharing

    Join Mr. G every weekday morning at 7:30am to do some yoga & meditation before you start your school day! The first yoga lesson will premier on Monday, April 6th at 7:30am. Visit https://www.facebook.com/events/221353412549570/ to respond to the event or tune directly into the broadcast at 7:30am on Monday by clicking on this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NJ6l_lNfFwU

    The School Newspaper has gone digital! Join us for a weekly, live news broadcast every Monday morning at 8:30am! This is the perfect opportunity for all of our Poets to sit down together (virtually), have a bite to eat for breakfast, and watch some kid-friendly news courtesy of the JGW School News Team! To view the first broadcast on Monday morning at 8:30am, visit https://www.facebook.com/events/234758641244961/

    GYM-Mr. Demarais: I will be using google classroom to send a variety of fitness workout challenges to the students to hopefully keep them active.  They will also be getting informational posters that will demonstrate proper techniques as well as a weekly calendar to help track their cardiovascular fitness workouts.  As I become more familiar with this technology and what it can do I will be expanding on our challenges.

    Mrs. Vlahos: School Counseling Update
    Students & families Grades 5-8: As we continue to navigate through these difficult times together please know that the I am available to connect with students and families.  I continue to be available by email (jvlahos@haverhill-ps.org), please do not hesitate to reach out.  I will also begin to hold office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 930-11am.
    8th Grade Specific Information: Any 8th grade student that has applied to a high school or high school program, has likely heard regarding the admission decision.  If you are still waiting to hear from a high school to which you have applied I expect you will be hearing from those schools/programs in the very near future.
    Over the next couple weeks, I will be working with 8th grade students on course selections.  All 8th grade students and families are to complete the Google form (in the links below – English and Spanish available) regarding high school plans & course selections by April 17th.
    https://forms.gle/LSJXbX6P9WmXhNqe7 (Google Form – English)

    https://forms.gle/MEvioyoFB15tPSCPA (Google Form – Spanish)

    Finally, I have created a Google Classroom for 8th grade students to maintain communication during this closure and update students on all 8th grade School Counseling related information as we transition into the Spring.  The class code is: bmsppfo.
    Stay healthy and be well.
    Student Adjustment Counselor-Mrs. MidoloI have sent out an email to all of my students and families with office hours and scheduled times for individual and group sessions.  Please continue to encourage your child to access my google classroom page as I  post new material daily. As always, if you have any questions or concerns you can reach me through email or through the REMIND APP. Thanks!
    STUDENT SUPPORT CENTER- Mrs. Greenwood: The SSC Google classroom is up and running! Students check your email for the link and click! Ms Greenwood and Ms Christine look forward to being in touch with everyone and getting through this together!
    Literacy Coach/Interventionist-Mrs. ForrestHello Families and Students! This is Mrs. Forrest, your Literacy Coach and Interventionist at JGW. In an effort to get back to “normal” as much as possible, I’d like you to encourage you to please take some time each day to read, write and practice your literacy skills.

    We have a wonderful new resource in Haverhill called myON, which includes thousands of books for you to read. Your classroom teachers will be linking this resource to their Google Classrooms and in the very near future we will be creating assignments for you in myON. You can also access myON through ClassLink.

    In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you may have about reading and writing at stephanie.forrest@haverhill-ps.org. Please stay safe and be well and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

    Speech/Language-Ms. OI am excited to be returning to Whittier as the Speech-Language Pathologist starting next week!  I know this is a difficult and stressful time for many, and I look forward to working together to support our students.  I will be reaching out to many of you over the next week, as well as creating a Google classroom with specific assignments and resources for students who receive Speech services.

    In the meantime, I want to refer you to an excellent list of fun resources for home practice in a number of areas which the Speech and OT departments have compiled.  Please refer to this list, try out some activities and let me know if you have any questions or suggestions!
    Middle School Speech activities:
    A more comprehensive list, including many free apps and websites, is available here: http://www.haverhill-ps.org/special-education-resources/.  Try these out if you’re bored or want to explore! 
    I also strongly encourage families to please reach out to me directly if you have any question about your child’s Speech services or needs, or I can provide any support to you at this time.
    I look forward to connecting soon!
    TITLE 1 News: During this time home, this is an opportunity to create a time capsule.  A time capsule is a great way for families to capture a time in history.  Attached are some ideas of what you can include in your time capsule.  Please contact Jean Sargent (jsargent@haverhill-ps.org) or Jen Rubera (jrubera@haverhill-ps.org) with any questions.
  • JGW Update 3/29/20

    Hello All JGW Families,

    I really hope that all students and families continue to stay safe during this stressful time. I wanted to reach out with a brief update for all. We are in the midst of compiling a list of students who will be in need to borrow chromebooks from the school in order to appropriately access the remote learning opportunities that will be coming soon. I hope that you all had the opportunity to fill out the survey that was provided by the district in regard to this.

    At this time, if you feel that your student is in need of a chromebook in order to complete assignments at home and you do not have access to a device that they can use, please email me directly at tbetty@haverhill-ps.org.

    This list needs to be finalized within the next day or so, in order to ensure the timely distribution of the devices this coming Friday, April 3rd. I will be sending out more updates with specific details about chromebook pick ups as the week progresses, so please stand by for that.

    In the meantime, I know that you all received the Superintendent’s Email/Message this morning, but I am copying below for everyone to review because it outlines all of the most recent information and news for all of us.

    I will be in touch again very soon. Please stay safe!



    Dear Staff and Families,

    I hope you are all well and staying safe during this challenging time. We have completed our second week of school closure due to the Coronavirus. I know how disruptive this has been and I thank you all for your hard work and creativity. As educational leaders across the state and the country struggle to find a responsible educational path forward in this new landscape your efforts to provide learning options and more importantly to offer structure, normalcy and relief from isolation will be recalled by our children in years to come as they recount these difficult days.

    As you know Haverhill’s initial plan for school building shut down was scheduled until this Monday, March 30th, with the Governor’s guidance we lengthened that dismissal to Monday April 6th. We now have been told the building closure will last until at least May 4th, 2020. We do not know how the pandemic will progress or whether the closure will be extended again.

    As the situation continues it is important that we calibrate our work across departments and schools. This does not mean that every school or every teacher will do the same thing, as we all have different teaching objectives, comfort levels with technology, and different personal situations. We know that we can’t replicate the engagement or rigor of the classroom or expect that we will be able to cover all the content or skill development remotely. However, we can support our families and students in both the academic and social-emotional arenas and enable them to make progress toward the learning targets we had hoped to achieve. We know our teachers, our students, and our families are all adjusting to this new reality and are working to manage life at home and taking care of one another.

    It is important to note that during the first phase of the closure from March 16 to April 3, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) did not consider the activities that we offered our students to count toward time-on-learning. As the closure is now extended DESE has changed their guidance and requested, we move toward what they are terming a Remote Learning Model, below is a brief overview of the DESE guidance:

    Recommended remote learning model: 

    • We recommend that districts support students to engage in meaningful and productive learning for approximately half the length of a regular school day. We expect this learning to take place via a combination of educator-directed learning and student self-directed learning.
    • We strongly recommend that districts and schools focus on reinforcing skills already taught this school year and applying and deepening these skills
    • The individual student experience will vary 

    Definition and scope of remote learning:

    • Remote learning can encompass a wide variety of learning opportunities
    • Examples of remote learning tools include large-group video or audio conference calls, 1:1 phone or video calls, email, work packets, projects, reading lists, online learning platforms, and other resources to effectively engage with students.  privacy standards.

    Components of a remote learning schedule:

    1. Opportunity to connect with one or more educators multiple times per week. 
    2. Access to multiple hours per day of academic content directed by educators,
    3. Time each day for physical activity 
    4. Additional daily time for enrichment activities such as the arts 

    Feedback on student work and grading:

    • To the extent practicable, teachers should provide feedback on student work completed at home. That said, if districts and schools have not already implemented policies regarding credit-bearing courses (determining credit for academic work at home), we strongly recommend that academic content be graded as “credit/no credit” 

    Many, if not most of HPS staff have already begun to provide online morning meetings, lessons and activities for our students. As a school district we will spend the coming week considering this new guidance and adapting our approach to provide students greater structure, more regular connection with teachers and classmates, and introduce new content that is important for their continued success. This second phase will begin on Monday, April 6, 2020, in order give our staff the time to prepare.

    We are thoughtful about issues related to equity and addressing the needs of all students as we plan. Our coaching, interventionist, special education and English learning staff are working hard to support the greatest possible access to all students in this unprecedented time. We are being balanced and thoughtful in expectations of students and staff understanding the limitations and emotional toll this pandemic is having on our families and our community.

    Over the past year we have greatly improved our access to technology across the district, and are fortunate to have devices to deploy to families in need so that all can access the online portions of the curriculum. A survey is currently out to review technology availability in each home, based on these results we will begin the distribution of Chromebooks to those in need next week. Technology assistance will be available to all families, details to follow.

    We have no doubt we will learn as we go, and we appreciate your continued patience during this very challenging time. Communication will be key, if there is an issue, a problem or a misunderstanding please let us know directly so that we can fix it promptly if at all possible. We will make mistakes; this will not be flawless.

    Additionally, I could not be prouder of our food services team who continues to serve over 1,000 lunches and breakfasts per day to hungry children at our 5 sites (Consentino, Nettle, Hunking, YMCA, Boys & Girls Club).

    As I said at the beginning of this message, this is new terrain for all of us. We have much to learn in the coming months. We will call on all our educators to be their most creative and open to new learning. I have confidence that working together with you, our families, we can make a difference for our students at this very difficult time. Thank you for your patience and support.


    Margaret Marotta EdD

    Superintendent of Schools

  • Helpful Links

    Here is an updated link for the district’s technology survey. Please click below to take the survey:


    Here are a few tutorial links as well for those of you who are having difficulty with google classroom.


  • Haverhill Public School Technology Survey

    Dear Parents of Haverhill students,

    During this time of uncertainty, we are looking to make sure we can continue to provide educational opportunities for all of our students to learn.  We are researching many options to provide educational programming to our families and that may look different for each classroom or school.

    Some of these options may include distance based learning through computers.  As such, we are attaching a technology survey for you to complete. This is an urgent request that we ask all families to complete before Sunday, March 29th at 12 pm so we can identify if students and teachers have the ability to be in contact through Google Classroom, videos, and other curriculum programs.

    We realize that this digital form may not reach all of our affected families, so we are reaching out to individual families that have not had direct contact with teachers during this closure.

    Due to the limited mobile devices resources available, please fill out this form as completely and honestly as possible so we can properly identify those individuals who truly need assistance.

    Please follow this link to the survey: https://bit.ly/HPS-Device-Survey

    Thank you,


  • Update (March 25, 2020)

    Hello JG Whittier Students and Families,

    I hope that this finds everyone safe and well during this unprecedented time in our lives. I miss the consistent day to day communication with students, staff, and families. Please know, however, that we as a school and a district are still trying to provide as many educational opportunities possible for all of our students in an attempt to keep them engaged in their academics and to keep some semblance of consistency and routine.  As most of you probably feel the same about wanting to get this situation over with get back to our “normal” lives, please do not hesitate to reach out to us if we can be of assistance with anything, or if you have any specific questions that you think we can help with. I am frequently on my emails, and will get back to you as quickly as I can: tbetty@haverhill-ps.org I feel that it is important to mention that during this time off, that we are doing everything that we can to keep everyone safe so that we all as a society can move past this situation. This includes actively practicing social distancing as much as possible. While having more free time, it seems fair that friends want to get together and socialize. However, in order to protect everyone, it is best that we find alternative means to stay in communication during this time. I hope all students are making good choices out there! I have asked all of our staff to provide you all with a brief update as to what they have been doing to help keep your students active. Please see the updates that come directly from the staff below, and if you have any specific questions in regard to assignments, please feel free to reach out to them directly via email.

    GRADE 5:

    Ms. MacDonald: Science: For students who can log into Google Classroom, continue working on the assignments I have posted under classwork. I have also been posting daily discussion questions. I encourage all students who can log in to participate in these to stay connected during this time off.  For students who do not have access to the internet, hopefully you were able to grab a packet. Continue to work through the packet. I also encourage you to get outside and explore. There is science all around you!

    Math: For students who can access Pearson Envisions online: Continue to work through the Topic 9 daily reviews. This will help review topics we’ve been working on and topics that we learned throughout the year. For those of you without internet, you can do the same thing in the packets I provided for students to be picked up. As always, reach out if I can help with anything at all.
    Ms. Sanguedolce: I have sent home four math packets which include two MCAS practice tests, twelve pages of mixed math facts, and a packet of Topic 9 daily review practice pages. Students can go online to practice their math facts at XtraMath.org. Assignments have also been posted online through Pearson/Envisions.
    Ms. Simes: I just finished Purple Group’s and Yellow Group’s Google Meets.  Take away, the kids would like to stay connected 3 days a week.  Today, I asked what they are doing with this time off and what do they miss about school.  I plan on making this connection with some structure, just planning this out.  The kids were so happy to see one another.  A parent emailed me immediately and said that her daughter needed this and thanked me.
    This week’s material is on Google Classroom.
    Try writing your own fable and a “Shel Silverstein” poem from the perspective of being 15 ft. tall.  There is a new spelling list, as well as a PDF and comprehension question for “The Great Gilly Hopkins.”
    Google Meets will continue to happen, monitor postings for information in Google classroom.
    Mr. Marinella: I’m using google classroom for both of my classes. History- Since we did not meet everyday in school, I am not doing daily assignments. Instead I am putting up longer, research based projects on that should take some time to complete and keep them busy.
    English- I am posting almost daily, reminding students to continue to read and journal using google or just regular notebooks. I am also adding reading assignments with questions, and practice MCAS-type assignments, and readworks. I am also using google post updates.
    Ms. Lees: Ms. Lees has and will email parents and has a list of online math and reading resources to challenge and hopefully have fun with for those able to go on line.  If you need anything specific for your child, please reach out to her and she will provide as much support and as many ideas as possible. This week she will be setting up students with a Lexia reading account to practice and build reading skills at individual reading levels.  If you haven’t already and would like to take part, please contact her and she will set up your child.  Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays she will join Mrs. Simes and the Purple ELA group with an online classroom to stay connected, do read alouds and explore what we can do together.
    GRADE 6:
    Mrs. Aylward: Hi Whittier families! I am posting messages to students almost daily on my ELA instagram @aylwardsela as well as on their Google Classroom page. In addition to the packets that were available previously, I’ve posted additional work opportunities and will continue to do so as needed. Some students have told me they are so bored, they actually want more work! My own kids and I have been reading a nightly bedtime story on Instagram as well. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me as usual. Hope to see you all soon. – Mrs. Aylward, Grade 6 ELA
    Ms. Delong: I uploaded materials to the Google Classroom for my Science and Social Studies classes. There are lessons, videos, and digital worksheets for students to complete. I am also asking all of my students to start and maintain a Coronavirus (COVID-19) journal to document this time in their life.  Someday, these could be considered primary sources for historians! Students are expected to write 4 entries per week.
    Ms. Sargent: Hi Everyone! I miss you all and can’t wait to see you all again. I have been working on my math songs and can’t wait to share them with you all.  I have been sending the weekly math homework sheets via all the e-mail addresses that I have and also suggest using your i-ready accounts.  Don’t forget the Math Antics website.   As always email me with any questions.
    Mr. Taylor: Red and Orange group ELA: Assignments are posted in google classroom in the classwork section. There are also messages posted in the stream for students to access as far as where they can find assignments. I’ve added a new website, noredink.com, to help work on some writing. The class codes for the different groups have been posted in the stream.
    Yellow and Orange group Social Studies:  no work is being posted yet. Keep watching the news to stay updated on the current global situation. Some geography work will be posted within the next couple of days.
    Mrs. Rubera: Here is my usual communication/ways to connect with students and families:  weekly Sunday e-mail to families with math homework and other resources included/attached , jrubera.wordpress.com (Math and Science Resources included here as well) , Instagram:  @jrubera10, Tik Tok:  @j.rubera
    Math:  math homework included in weekly e-mail and also on blog, iReady assignments (Go to ClassLink on the HPS Launchpad to access iReady), Google Classroom
    Science:  blog has many videos and websites , STEMscopes (Go to ClassLink on the HPS Launchpad to access it) ,Google Classroom
    Mrs. Guisti: Mrs. Guisti has reached out to all students on her caseload and has been able to speak with many parents over the phone and email.  If you would like to connect with her again or were not able to receive her message please feel free to email her at nancy.guisti@haverhill-ps.org and she will get back to you.  Mrs. Guisti has been working on setting up students with online reading programs that are available now that many companies have given free resources to the district.  She has been working remotely with both parents and other teachers across all Haverhill schools to set up accounts and instruct both teachers and students on how to use the programs that are available.  She is also a resource for her students in answering questions for all academic enrichment assignments that have been offered from the Math, ELA, Science, and Social Studies teachers in grade 6.
    Mrs. Cronin: I miss the uncertainty of our everyday lives. I am thinking and praying for all of our students and families during this dynamic event. I am finding journaling each day about the events or lack of events of the day to be therapeutic for me. Each day, I get outside just to walk and get some fresh air while walking the dog. I am keeping busy in the kitchen trying to cook and plan ahead for the family. I think the students need to know we are in this together. It is a struggle for all of us. Please know that I miss everyone and hope to get back to our daily routines soon.

    GRADE 7:

    Mrs. MacKinnon: For 7th grade science: students are finishing up geoscience processes. They are starting on the next unit on natural hazards. I am sending out work today on stemscopes. For any child that does not have access to stemscopes I would like them to research a natural disaster that has happened in the past. For example: volcanoes, tornadoes, hurricanes, etc….. I would like to know the name of the disaster, the year it happened, the area it happened in,  and what was the outcome. When you are finished with the research please send to me on google docs. Hope everyone is staying safe and healthy!!! Miss you all and can’t wait to get back to a normal routine!!!

    Mr. LeGrand: My students are encouraged to spend at least 30 minutes daily on iReady.  Students should check their google classroom periodically and email me if they have any questions.  Parents, email me if your child is having difficulties accessing iReady at home.  I have posted the directions on my google classroom for those who are having difficulties login on at home.

    Ms. DiGloria: I have communicated with all grade 7 parents via two emails, last week and this week. I provided suggestions for non-academic enrichment opportunities, and have told families that I will keep in close contact about further opportunities to be provided based on the changing situation.

    Mrs. Trombly: My math classes are doing a combination of online work with I-ready and packets for those students who did not have Internet access. I am also on with students and parents on the Remind app. Students are texting me questions about their math with parents permission and sending me pictures of their work to show proof that they’ve done it.

    Mrs. Berthiaume: Mrs. Berthiaume will make updates periodically. Check her homework site for new information. berthiaume.educatorpages.com

    Ms. Marciano:  ELA (Blue, Green + Purple Groups)

    • Packets that were picked up at school can be completed by students. Although these are MCAS practice packets, they allow students to read at grade level, as well as use critical thinking strategies to answer questions and compose an essay.
    • As most of you know from my previous email, I reactivate my teacher Instagram page (@coastal_teacher), as I figured it would be a good platform to post updates because many students have social media. As parents, please also feel free to follow me (the account is private, so just send me a message as to who you are!). This will be helpful for ANY/ALL updates to Google Classroom. I am also trying to post activities/ideas for kids of all ages.
    • I have also asked all students to join their FLIPGRID classrooms. The directions are on the Google Classroom post from MONDAY, MARCH 16th. Each class has their own FLIP CODE that students must enter first (usually at the bottom of their screen) and then they need to use their school email address to log in. You can download the FREE APP for your phone or students can access Flipgrid on their home computers.
    • Week of March 23-27th: I will also be posting a new “assignment” each day on Google Classroom. I am hoping students will participate in the following things online:
    Movie Mondays – students will complete an online movie review assigned through Google Classroom (or write one themselves + email alexis.marciano@haverhill-ps.org or send a picture through Instagram)
    Ted Talk Tuesdays – students will create an infographic using CANVA (or they can make one themselves + email alexis.marciano@haverhill-ps.org or send a picture through Instagram)
    Wellness Wednesdays – students will track their “wellness” on a Google Doc – see examples listed in directions on Google Classroom (or make a tracking sheet + email alexis.marciano@haverhill-ps.org or send a picture through Instagram)
    Talent Thursdays – students will show a talent that they have. They can email a picture to alexis.marciano@haverhill-ps.org or send a picture through Instagram.
    Friendly Fridays – students will DO GOOD in their homes/communities – see list in directions on Google Classroom. They can email a picture to alexis.marciano@haverhill-ps.org or send a picture through Instagram.
    My intentions with these “assignments” this week are to keep kids thinking while they are out of school, help them get back into a routine, and also hope that they realize learning can be fun. Please feel free to use this with your other children as well, as it’s something kids of all ages can participate in.
    Ms. Bilmazes: Special Education-Grade 7 Orange/Yellow Hope you are all doing well, keeping busy and I hope to see you all soon. Please continue to work on assignments listed under your subject teacher’s name. Some additional resources for Math practice- multiplication.com, mathplayground.com   For ELA- journalbuddies.com ( 34 Creative Story Ideas) mycuprunsover.ca
    Feel free to email me with any questions or just to say hi!
    GRADE 8: 
    Mr. Harris: Purple and blue group math – assignments are posted every 2-3 days on iReady. Students are getting review on the ratio and rate concepts that are the support for learning the eighth grade standards on functions and equations.
    Yellow and orange group civics – no work is being posted at this time. Stay up to date on the current news (and not just the virus!) as the things going on right now are civics in action!
    Ms. Sullivan: I have two assignments listed on google classroom.  One is a project and the other are Stemscope assignments.
    This week 3-23 to 3-27
    1. Read Stemscopedia Genes and Protein Synthesis and highlight important information (Don’t turn it in until you have completed the assessments).
    2. Do the Science Reading A Genes and Protein Synthesis. Turn in when you are finished.
    3. Do the open ended assessment and the multiple choice assessment. You can use the Stemscopedia and do as an open book test.
    4. If you have any questions please email me csullivan@haverhill-ps.org
    Mr. Blaustein: I have posted assignments for Civics on the McGraw Hill web site and I have been posting some ELA non fiction Corona virus related work for all my students through Google classroom.
    Ms. Deblasis: I hope this finds you all well during these trying times of uncertainty. Below please find the math assignments for this week.  Remember these are voluntary. However, I would encourage you to attempt to work on these assignments. You will receive extra credit for working on them.
    Lesson 9: Instruction Book Pages 78-87 and Practice/Problem Solving Book Pages 91-100.
    Lesson 10: Instruction Book Pages 90-99 and Practice/Problem Solving Book Pages 103-110.
    Unit 2 Interim Assessment: Instruction Book Pages 100 & 101.
    Unit 2 Performance Task: Instruction Book Page 102.
    Unit 2 Practice: Practice/Problem Solving Book Pages 113 & 114.
    As always, if you have any questions please email me here. jdeblasis@haverhill-ps.org
    Mr. Lewis: Mr. Lewis is periodically updating his Google Classroom with reading and writing assignments. Students can either write their work in Google docs or their own notebooks. He is also available to chat via email at mlewis@haverhill-ps.org if there are any issues or questions.
    Mr. Yanoff: I have been using both Zoom and Google Classroom.  We are doing a project and continuing to do work from our book.  I did find it online. The kids seem to like this type of leaning.
    Ms. Brown: Hello to grade 8!  I miss you, and I have been trying to practice the following mantra: “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” Dalai Lama.  As tough as it may be at times, I’m finding that it does pay off in ways, that I am sure, I will always remember, long after these trying times. Feel free to give it a try, and just send me an email, if you want to talk about it.  First off, please continue to work on assignments listed under your subject teacher’s name for grade 8. Second, parents, I can set up students with a Lexia reading account, that I can monitor, in order to practice and build reading skills at individual reading levels, if you would like to strengthen your child’s reading skills, or are concerned about a recession in reading skills during this time away from school. I am working on setting this up this week, if you are interested, please email me at kbrown1@haverhill-ps.org.  As I learn of further enrichment learning opportunities or about on-line programs that I can work with your child with, that have not been listed by other teachers, I will pass them on.  Take care, and be well!
    Mrs. Kaiser: I found this resource the other day from The New York Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/20/books/writers-entertain-kids-virus.html). It’s great to see how the literary community is coming together at this time for a common cause. I would encourage students to take advantage of these read alouds, many of which are read by the authors themselves! Students can scroll down through this list for their reading level and area of interest; scroll down for virtual author activities for middle schoolers. There are even links to challenge eighth graders with activities for young adults. I send my best to all my students, and encourage them to exercise patience as they stay at home and practice “social distancing.” This generation is so adept at computers that I’m confident they will be able to access all this valuable, current, and uniquely compiled material to help keep their minds as well as their bodies strong!
    Physical Education (Mr. Demarais): Hello everyone, I hope that everyone is healthy and safe.  During this tough time my hope is that while you are spending time at home, you are also finding the time to “GET UP AND MOVE!”  Thankfully the weather is improving and giving us a chance to get outside and get some much needed fresh air.  I know today’s kids prefer to sit in front of a screen and play video games, but now is the perfect time to reconnect with family members through exercise and play.  Getting outside for family walks, runs, or bike rides is a great way to get that body moving!  I look forward to hopefully seeing all of you sooner than later.
    ART (Ms. Boulger): Ms Boulger is posting art exercises and art resources daily for the students to access in Google Classroom.
    HEALTH (Mrs. Reynolds): Mrs. Reynolds is posting games, videos and online quizzes to test your knowledge of subjects that have been recently covered in Health classes.  New items are posted weekly if not sooner.
    The units being covered are:
    Grade 5 -Nutrition
    Grade 6 – First Aid
    Grade 7 – Cyberbullying and Cybersafety
    Grade 8 – Mental Health
    I also have a website with the Health outlines on them.  jgwhealth.weebly.com
    MUSIC (Mr. Gariepy): Students and teachers can access my Facebook page for music updates: Facebook.com/whittiermiddlemusic They can also visit whittiermiddlemusic.webs.com for school appropriate games, resources, and more.
    Students and parents can also contact my email directly robert.gariepy@haverhill-ps.org to add their emails to my contact list. This way they can get a weekly update on music and activities to do at home!
    TECHNOLOGY (Mr. Kowalewski): First I am missing all of the JGW students.  Secondly, from a technology class standpoint, I would recommend students use
    It is a great resource and will help students with typing needs preparing them for High School and beyond.
    Kahn Academy is another great resource, it will allow students and parents to work together by grade level and even allow the students to work at their own pace.  Parents can actually assign different lessons.  It has a great section on Computer Literacy and Technology, I find myself using it more and more during this time just to brush up on my skills.
    If you have amazon prime, the audible section is great. I would use this opportunity to listen to some books.  This is a great resource and perfect for the students who are not heavy readers.
    **From a social connection stand point for students. I do recommend, after work and chores are done, allowing students to play some video games with their friends online. It will allow them to interact with each other and not feel alone or like things have drastically changed.  Parents should join in on the fun and play with them as well.** Hope everyone is safe and happy and can’t wait to see everyone as soon as we can. I am just an email away if you have any questions.

    ENGLISH LANGUAGE LEARNERS (Ms. Coffin): Our English as a Second Language teacher is reaching out to mainstream teachers to provide ways to support English language learners with their online work.

    Nuestra maestra del desarrollo de inglés está trabajando con los demás maestros para buscar maneras de apoyar a los estudiantes de proficiencia limitada de ingles con los trabajos en linea.
    GUIDANCE (Mrs. Vlahos): School Counseling Information

    HHS Course Registration Information for 8th Grade Students

    The attached course registration documents include the Haverhill High course selection booklet with guidance for 8th grade students to choose electives for their 9th grade year at HHS (forms translated in English and Spanish), as well as an attachment with descriptions of all elective courses available to grade 9 students (one in English and the other in Spanish). At this time, 8th grade students and families can review the provided information and may begin the process of choosing HHS electives remotely, at home, if desired.   If you have questions regarding course selection and elective options at Haverhill High School, feel free to contact Mrs. Vlahos via email at jvlahos@haverhill-ps.org. In an effort to stay connected with all students and families during the school closure, I am checking email periodically at home and responding to all emails as soon as possible.  I am maintaining continued collaboration with staff and administration to ensure continued support for the JG Whittier students.  I encourage to reach out to me via email, and not hesitate in doing so. A resource that may be helpful in this uncertain and trying time:

    The Haverhill High School course selection information has also been posted to the JG Whittier School Counseling page
    SCHOOL ADJUSTMENT COUNSELOR (Mrs. Midolo): Mrs. Midolo encourages students to access her google classroom page.  An email has been sent out to all students and parents at the beginning of last week.  She has been posting and updating information along with providing mini-activites for students to participate in, daily.  Please encourage your child to reach out to Mrs. Midolo via email tmidolo@haverhill-ps.org with any questions or concerns.   Appointments can be made for check-ins by phone as well.
    STUDENT SUPPORT CENTER (Mrs. Greenwood): Greetings from the SSC! First and Foremost…..We miss you!
    Secondly, and equally important, we hope you are practicing ownership and kindness skills while you are at home with your families.
    Demonstrating the skills you have learned in the SSC  with your own family will continue earning you points ! This project is now open to every student at JGW. When we return to school, those who participated will earn a school-wide pizza party celebration!
    Ownership of your behaviors (which helps you change them from negative to positive), and showing Kindness to those around you (especially when you don’t feel like it!).
    Record  on google doc
    You will receive an email invitation to a google doc for the details. If you cannot access a computer to record your OK project, please use a pen and paper and bring it with you at the return of school.
    MIDDLE SCHOOL SUPPORT PROGRAM (Mrs. Leydon & Mr. Diffin): I hope you all are doing well and staying healthy!! I wanted to reach out and let you know to please reach out if there’s anything I can do in the next couple weeks. Please forward my e-mail to your kids as well april.leydon@haverhill-ps.org if they would like to reach out to me with any questions or concerns that I can help with/relay the message to anyone.
    I included conversational starters to do at home if you’re looking for a little fun. We did this at the beginning of the school year playing JENGA so they are familiar with it!
    -Mrs. Leydon
    I think that during this time it is beneficial to keep our students in an active learning frame of mind. This does not mean 5 hours of school work a day. What that means is keep them active in the programs that they were using in school. Having them login daily, review and work on some documents. If not, when we do return this is another learning step to start from. Remaining as close to schedule will help out in the long haul.
    There has been suggestions for students to journal during historical period of time. If students prefer not to write, how about comic stripping your time showing what transpired during their time out. Letting them release their emotions is part of the healing and moving forward process.
    With that being said, I truly miss my shadow Connor. All the energy that Jadiel brings daily. My conversations with Jaeden. And the seriousness of Riley. Can’t wait till we are all back together as a group again.
    Stay positive…better times are coming.
    -Mr. Diffin
    STUDENT SUPPORT COORDINATOR (Mr. Newell): I can be reached by email at jonathan.newell@haverhill-ps.org and available to support and talk to caregivers and students about anything including behavioral concerns at anytime.  
    SPEECH (Ms.Ostrovskaya): Missing all my previous students at JGW!  I am available to support students, parents and teachers remotely if I can be of help.  Please reach out!  In the meantime, there is an excellent list of fun resources for home practice in a number of areas which the Speech and OT departments have compiled that is available at http://www.haverhill-ps.org/supportive-home-learning-resources/. I look forward to hearing from you all!

    -Ms. O
  • Weekly Principal’s Update (3/16-3/20)

    Hello JG Whittier Families,
    I apologize that I am just reaching out now, but I would like to send some updates. As you know, all Haverhill Public Schools will be closed as of now until April 6. In an effort to keep our students engaged and actively learning, many of our  teachers have put together opportunities for our students to continue learning over these next few weeks. These opportunities will be both online or with packets of work to keep students busy and engaged. Some of the teachers are using both google classroom and have hard copy packets available as well. Below, you will see a list of teachers and what they are doing  to make work available for your child. No student will be penalized for not completing any of the work. Someone will be in the building tomorrow for parents to pick up packets between 10:00 AM and 12:00 PM. Reminder: Students are not allowed in the buildings.
    Grade 5
    Ms. MacDonald- Science/Math- jamie.macdonald@haverhill-ps.org
    As the state has mandated the closing of schools until April 7th, her goal is that the students can get some learning done while they are home. She will provide work for students weekly. Everything can be found on Google Classroom or Envisions. If you do not have internet access, She will provide work packets that can be picked up at the school by adults only. Please keep in mind, Comcast is offering a free two-month internet essentials package if that is an option. 
    None of the work will be graded but her hope is that students take control of their own learning during this time so that they do not fall behind. 
    Red, Yellow, Orange, Purple Science: 
    Everything you need can be found on Google Classroom or in packets at the school. 
    To access Google Classroom: 
    1. Make sure students are signed into the Haverhill Launchpad using their school ID. This will ensure that you are able to access google classroom. 
    2. Students should read her announcement message on the “Stream” and then go directly to their “Classwork”. She has added some at home activities and some reading for them to do. Through Google Classroom, students can submit any work to her. 
    3.  She will continue to add to Google Classroom throughout the next few weeks. 
    Purple Math: 
    She will assign Daily Review questions each day in Envisions (not google classroom). Using your notebook, work on the daily review each day. You can also access each lesson like they do in class if you would like to move forward. Her recommendation here would be continue with Topic 9: 
    -Try the solve and share
    -Watch the visual learning 
    try the convince me 
    -work on the guided and independent practice 
    Please reach out if you are having trouble. She can also assign some more videos to help. 
    For those of you who do not have a computer or internet access, She will provide packets of the daily reviews. 
    She will absolutely be available by email if you have any questions at all! She encourages families to reach out to her so that she can help with any resources. 
    Ms. Sanguedolce-Math
    Ms. Sanguedolce left 4 different math packets (MCAS Practice Test 1, MCAS Practice Test 2, Topic 9 Daily Review Papers, and 12 Mixed Math Facts Papers) for her Red, Orange, and Yellow groups to be picked up at the school. The students can also work on Envisions math and XtraMath online at home.
    Ms. Simes- ELA/ SS
    Ms. Simes has communicated to all families. She has this week’s lessons (currently working on next week) on Google classroom and has made copies for those students that do not have internet capability at home (available in the entryway).  She is following and giving students as much of the curriculum that she is able to and have told families that this work is not to be graded, but will benefit their student. She will continue to place work on Google classroom for the time that they are not together.
    Grade 6
    Ms. Aylward- ELA
    Ms. Aylward will have  packets for the students, so it will be available for parents to pick up. She will also upload the same packet to Google Classroom. 
    Ms. DeLong- Sci/SS
    Ms. DeLong’s Science and Social Studies classes (6-Red, 6-Blue, 6-Purple): Materials have been uploaded onto Google Classroom for students to work on.  Items will continue to be uploaded throughout the time off.  Students are encouraged to log on to the McGraw-Hill textbook for Social Studies and STEMscopes for Science on top of the reading materials/assignments posted on Classroom.
    Ms. Rubera- Math/Sci
    Ms. Rubera will be using:  
    • Google Classroom 
    • jrubera.wordpress.com
    • left packets on the table.


    Ms. Sargent- Math
    Ms. Sargent will be using:

              She also left packets to be picked up. 


    Mr. Taylor- ELA/SS
    New announcements for assignments will be made via the Stream portion of the Google Classroom. Students can still practice and watch videos through Khan Academy through the link in Google Classroom. Students are also encouraged to login to Quizlet (through the classroom) or Kahoot! to practice anything they want. Again, assignments or announcements will be posted on the stream portion of Google classroom with directions.
    Grade 7
    Ms. DiGloria- SS
    Ms. DiGloria will be emailing all students and their families in regard to what is being offered for assignments.
    Ms. Marciano- ELA
    Ms. Marciano has left MCAS practice packets to be picked up for Purple, Blue and Green groups. 
    She is also putting review games on Google Classroom for kids to access – these will review everything they have gone over so far this year.
    Ms. MacKinnon- Sci
    Ms. MacKinnon has made packets for any students that do not have access to computers for the next lessons. They are available  for pickup tomorrow during the allotted time.  If you have computer access and do not want to grab a packet then you can go onto stemscopes.  How to get onto Stemscopes :
       1. Log into haverhill-ps.org/launchpad
       2. they should click on the stemscopes icon and there will be assignments on there for geoscience processes.  
       3. At the end of the lesson they will take a small quiz to check on understanding. 
    Ms. MacKinnon will also send out work for the upcoming unit on natural hazards.  
    Ms. MacKinnon will have her computer at home and will be checking her email.  Please email her with any questions.  
    Ms. Trombly- Math
    Ms. Trombly has set up curriculum up for all students on IREADY.  She has emailed and sent texts via REMIND APP for their work.  She has also encouraged students to work on it and they will receive credit for any work they do. 
    Ms Berthiaume-ELA
    Ms. Berthiaume has left information and suggestions for work at the school to be picked up.  This includes double-sided sheets with a reading log, suggested writing prompts, and practice MCAS sites in case families want them. She has indicated her website address on it, and will be posting there.
    Grade 8
    Ms. DeBlasis- Math
    Ms. DeBlasis has emailed all of her students parents/guardians with their assignments for the next 3 weeks. 
    Mr. Harris- Math/SS
    Mr. Harris will be putting things onto iReady for his two eighth grade math groups – purple and blue.
    Mr. Blaustein-ELA/SS
    Mr. Blaustein has assignments in the McGraw Hill textbook cue for his civics classes and will add assignments to them as time goes on.
    He has also set an assignment up in google classroom for all of his classes.
    Ms. Sullivan- Sci
    Ms. Sullivan has put an assignment on google classroom. She has also left copies of the assignment at the front office
    Mr. Lewis-ELA
    Mr. Lewis will be updating his google classroom with assignments. Stay tuned.
    Mr. Yanoff- Algebra 1
     Mr. Yanoff has already contacted the students through Google Classroom and their parents through regular email.
    Ms. Midolo- School Adjustment Counseling 


     She is setting up google classroom as a way to communicate with her students. 
    1. She will be emailing parents to let them know that this will be happening and to encourage their kids to sign on at the times set up as well as email her at anytime with any questions or concerns they may have.
    2. Each google classroom will be created by grade level and she will be available during the times that they meet during the regular work week.  For example:  grade 6 social group meets on Thursdays at 12:45.  Grade 8 meets on Thursdays at 11:45.  They can use these times to check in. This should be set up and ready to go within the next few days. 


    Robert Gariepy- Music
    Below are instructions on how to access the G-Suite (Google Classroom, Docs, etc.) from home for the students.  
    He has also attached a link to a PowerPoint he made about music and life in Spain that the students can view from home.
    Google Suite (G-Suite) Access Instructions
    To access Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Classroom, and other Google applications from home, follow these instructions:
    1. Visit www.home.haverhill-ps.org
    2. Click on the G-Suite Icon on the page.
    3. Log-in to your Haverhill Public Schools account using your username and password, just like you would on a ChromeBook at school.
    4. Enjoy open access to your Google apps!
    Mr. Gariepy’s Music Class: Music & Life in Barcelona
    Once you’ve opened the link above, double click on the Google Slide document titled: DOUBLE CLICK: ¡Música y Vida en Barcelona!
    Then, hit the “present” button on the top right hand corner and enjoy!
    Ms. Coffin-ELL
    Ms. Coffin is available by email to all of her students (scoffin@haverhill-ps.org) if they need to reach out for any reason.  She is also available by email to any non-English speaking parents , especially yellow groups, as she knows those students, teachers and curriculum.
    As more information becomes readily available, we will continue to reach out and keep all of you informed. Please note that there are also some educational resources available for your students on the HPS home page called Supportive Home Learning Resources. Please remember that students are not mandated to complete any of this work, however, we hope to provide enough support during this time away from school to keep everyone engaged and learning! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at any time with questions, comments, or concerns at tbetty@haverhill-ps.org
    Thank you all for your patience during this time. We all hope that everyone remains safe and healthy, and our hope is to see you sometime very soon!

    Hola familias de JG Whittier,


    Pido disculpas porque estoy llegando ahora, pero me gustaría enviar algunas actualizaciones. Como saben, todas las Escuelas Públicas de Haverhill permanecerán cerradas hasta el 6 de abril. En un esfuerzo por mantener a nuestros estudiantes comprometidos y aprendiendo activamente, muchos de nuestros maestros han reunido oportunidades para que nuestros estudiantes continúen aprendiendo durante las próximas semanas. Estas oportunidades serán tanto en línea como con paquetes de trabajo para mantener a los estudiantes ocupados y comprometidos. Algunos de los maestros están utilizando tanto el aula de Google y también tienen paquetes de copias impresas disponibles. A continuación, verá una lista de maestros y lo que están haciendo para que el trabajo esté disponible para su hijo. Ningún estudiante será penalizado por no completar ninguno de los trabajos. Mañana habrá alguien en el edificio para que los padres recojan paquetes entre las 10:00 a.m. y las 12:00 p.m. . Recordatorio: No se permiten estudiantes en los edificios.


    Grado 5


    Ms. MacDonald- Ciencia / Matemáticas- jamie.macdonald@haverhill-ps.org

    Como el estado ha ordenado el cierre de las escuelas hasta el 7 de abril, su objetivo es que los estudiantes puedan aprender un poco mientras están en casa. Ella proporcionará trabajo para los estudiantes semanalmente. Todo se puede encontrar en Google Classroom o Envisions. Si no tiene acceso a Internet, Ella le proporcionará paquetes de trabajo que solo los adultos pueden recoger en la escuela. Tenga en cuenta que Comcast ofrece un paquete gratuito de elementos esenciales de Internet de dos meses si esa es una opción.

    Ninguno de los trabajos será calificado, pero su esperanza es que los estudiantes tomen el control de su propio aprendizaje durante este tiempo para que no se queden atrás.


    Ciencia roja, amarilla, naranja, púrpura:

    Todo lo que necesita se puede encontrar en Google Classroom o en paquetes en la escuela.

    Para acceder a Google Classroom:

    1. Asegúrese de que los estudiantes hayan iniciado sesión en el Haverhill Launchpad con su identificación de la escuela. Esto asegurará que pueda acceder al aula de Google.
    2. Los estudiantes deben leer su mensaje de anuncio en el “Stream” y luego ir directamente a su “Trabajo de clase”. Ella ha agregado algunas actividades en el hogar y algunas lecturas para que hagan. A través de Google Classroom, los estudiantes pueden enviarle cualquier trabajo.
    3. Ella continuará agregando a Google Classroom durante las próximas semanas.

    Matemáticas moradas:

    Ella asignará preguntas de revisión diaria cada día en Envisions (no en el aula de Google). Usando su cuaderno, trabaje en la revisión diaria de cada día. También puede acceder a cada lección como lo hacen en clase si desea avanzar. Su recomendación aquí sería continuar con el Tema 9:

    -Probar la solución y compartir

    -Ver el aprendizaje visual

    – intenta convencerme

    -Trabajo sobre la práctica guiada e independiente.

    Comuníquese si tiene problemas. También puede asignar algunos videos más para ayudar.

    Para aquellos de ustedes que no tienen una computadora o acceso a Internet, Ella proporcionará paquetes de las revisiones diarias.

    Ella estará absolutamente ava ilable por correo electrónico si tiene alguna pregunta! Ella alienta a las familias a comunicarse con ella para que pueda ayudar con cualquier recurso.



    Ms. Simes- ELA / SS


    La Sra. Simes se ha comunicado con todas las familias. Ella tiene las lecciones de esta semana (actualmente trabajando la próxima semana) en el aula de Google y ha hecho copias para aquellos estudiantes que no tienen capacidad de internet en casa (disponible en la entrada). Ella está siguiendo y dando a los estudiantes la mayor parte del plan de estudios que puede y les ha dicho a las familias que este trabajo no debe ser calificado, pero que beneficiará a sus estudiantes. Ella continuara  colocar el trabajo en el aula de Google por el tiempo que no estén juntos.

    Grado 6


    Ms. Aylward- ELA


    Ms. Aylward tendrá paquetes para los estudiantes, por lo que estará disponible para que los padres los recojan. También cargará el mismo paquete en Google Classroom.


    Sra. DeLong- Sci / SS


    Clases de ciencias y estudios sociales de la Sra. DeLong (6-rojo, 6-azul, 6-púrpura): los materiales se han cargado en Google Classroom para que los estudiantes puedan trabajar. Los artículos se seguirán cargando durante todo el tiempo libre. Se alienta a los estudiantes a iniciar sesión en el libro de texto McGraw-Hill para Estudios Sociales y STEMscopes for Science además de los materiales / tareas de lectura publicados en el Aula.


    Ms. Rubera- Matemáticas / Sci


    Ms. Rubera usará:

    • Aula de Google
    • jrubera.wordpress.com
    • paquetes dejados en la mesa.

    Ms. Sargent- Matemáticas


    Ms. Sargent usará:


    paquetes dejados en la mesa.
    Sr. Taylor- ELA / SS

    Los nuevos anuncios para las tareas se realizarán a través de la parte Stream de Google Classroom. Los estudiantes aún pueden practicar y ver videos a través de Khan Academy a través del enlace en Google Classroom. También se anima a los estudiantes a iniciar sesión en Quizlet (a través del aula) o Kahoot! para practicar lo que quieran. Nuevamente, las tareas o anuncios se publicarán en la parte de transmisión del aula de Google con instrucciones.


    Grado 7


    Sra. DiGloria- SS

    La Sra. DiGloria enviará un correo electrónico a todos los estudiantes y sus familias con respecto a lo que se ofrece para las tareas.


    Ms. Marciano- ELA


    La Sra. Marciano ha dejado paquetes de práctica de MCAS para que los recojan los grupos Púrpura, Azul y Verde.

    También está poniendo juegos de revisión en Google Classroom para que los niños tengan acceso: estos revisarán todo lo que han revisado en lo que va del año.


    Ms. MacKinnon- Sci


    Ms. MacKinnon ha hecho paquetes para cualquier estudiante que no tenga acceso a computadoras para las próximas lecciones. Están disponibles para recoger mañana durante el tiempo asignado. Si tiene acceso a una computadora y no quiere tomar un paquete, puede ir a stemscopes. Cómo llegar a Stemscopes:

    1. Inicie sesión en haverhill-ps.org/launchpad

    2. Deberían hacer clic en el icono de stemscopes y allí habrá tareas para procesos de geociencia.

    3. Al final de la lección, realizarán un pequeño cuestionario para verificar la comprensión. 

    La Sra. MacKinnon también enviará trabajo para la próxima unidad sobre peligros naturales.

    La Sra. MacKinnon tendrá su computadora en casa y revisará su correo electrónico. Por favor envíele un correo electrónico con cualquier pregunta.


    Ms. Trombly- Matemáticas


    La Sra. Trombly ha establecido un plan de estudios para todos los estudiantes en IREADY. Ella ha enviado correos electrónicos y mensajes de texto a través de REMIND APP para su trabajo. También ha alentado a los estudiantes a trabajar en ello y recibirán crédito por cualquier trabajo que realicen. 


    Sra. Berthiaume-ELA

    La Sra. Berthiaume ha dejado información y sugerencias para recoger el trabajo en la escuela. Esto incluye hojas de doble cara con un registro de lectura, sugerencias de escritura sugeridas y sitios de práctica MCAS en caso de que las familias los quieran. Ella ha indicado la dirección de su sitio web y publicará allí.


    Grado 8


    Ms. DeBlasis- Matemáticas


    La Sra. DeBlasis ha enviado un correo electrónico a todos sus padres / tutores con sus tareas durante las próximas 3 semanas.


    Sr. Harris- Matemáticas / SS


    El Sr. Harris pondrá cosas en iReady para sus dos grupos de matemáticas de octavo grado: morado y azul.


    Ms. Sullivan- Sci


    La Sra. Sullivan ha asignado una tarea en el aula de Google. También ha dejado copias de la tarea en la oficina principal.


    Sr. Yanoff- Álgebra 1


     El Sr. Yanoff ya se ha comunicado con los estudiantes a través de Google Classroom y sus padres a través del correo electrónico habitual.


    Sra. Midolo- Consejería de ajuste escolar


    Ella está configurando el aula de Google como una forma de comunicarse con sus alumnos.

    1. Ella enviará un correo electrónico a los padres para informarles que esto va a suceder y para alentar a sus hijos a que se registren en los horarios establecidos, así como a enviarles un correo electrónico en cualquier momento con cualquier pregunta o inquietud que puedan tener.
    2. Cada aula de Google se creará por nivel de grado y estará disponible durante los horarios en que se reúnan durante la semana laboral regular. Por ejemplo: el grupo social de sexto grado se reúne los jueves a las 12:45. Grado 8 se reúne los jueves a las 11:45. Pueden usar estos horarios para registrarse. Esto debe estar configurado y listo para funcionar en los próximos días.

    Robert Gariepy- Música


    A continuación hay instrucciones sobre cómo acceder a G-Suite (Google Classroom, Docs, etc.) desde el hogar para los estudiantes.

    También ha adjuntado un enlace a un PowerPoint que hizo sobre música y vida en España que los estudiantes pueden ver desde su casa.


    Instrucciones de acceso a Google Suite (G-Suite)

    Para acceder a Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Classroom y otras aplicaciones de Google desde casa, siga estas instrucciones:

    1. Visitar www.home.haverhill-ps.org
    2. Haga clic en el icono de G-Suite en la página.
    3. Inicie sesión en su cuenta de las Escuelas Públicas de Haverhill con su nombre de usuario y contraseña, tal como lo haría en un ChromeBook en la escuela.
    4. ¡Disfruta de acceso abierto a tus aplicaciones de Google!

    Clase de música del Sr. Gariepy: música y vida en Barcelona

    Para acceder al PowerPoint español / inglés sobre música y vida en Barcelona, ​​haga clic aquí. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BOk45zxK6tBF8qHnkM0LwYREvXfNrAXh?usp=sharing )

    Una vez que haya abierto el enlace de arriba, haga doble clic en el documento de Google Slide titulado: DOBLE CLIC: ¡Música y Vida en Barcelona!

    Luego, presiona el botón “presente” en la esquina superior derecha y ¡disfruta!


    Sra. Coffin-ELL

    Ms. Coffin está disponible por correo electrónico para todos sus estudiantes ( scoffin@haverhill-ps.org ) si necesitan comunicarse por algún motivo.


    A medida que haya más información disponible, continuaremos comunicándonos y manteniéndolos informados. Tenga en cuenta que también hay algunos recursos educativos disponibles para sus estudiantes en la página de inicio de HPS llamados Recursos de aprendizaje en el hogar de apoyo. Recuerde que los estudiantes no tienen el mandato de completar ninguno de estos trabajos, sin embargo, ¡esperamos brindar suficiente apoyo durante este tiempo fuera de la escuela para mantener a todos interesados ​​y aprendiendo! No dude en comunicarse conmigo en cualquier momento con preguntas, comentarios o inquietudes en tbetty@haverhill-ps.org


    Gracias a todos por su paciencia durante este tiempo. ¡Todos esperamos que todos se mantengan seguros y saludables, y nuestra esperanza es verte pronto!



  • School Trips

    Dear JGW Families,


    As you know, Massachusetts is in a “State of Emergency” due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19). Haverhill Public Schools is following all guidelines recommended by the Governor, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education and our Health Department.


    These guidelines are put into place to protect you along with all of our students and staff. At this time all international trips for our students have been canceled and we are now being told that all out of state trips should be canceled as well. At this time all out of state travel, including the Washington D.C. trip for Grade 8 students, are being canceled.


    We are working with the Travel Agencies on refunds and/or all other options for our students. As we receive the information from them, we will share it with all of you.


    Thank you,

    Tim Betty

    Assistant Principal

  • Principal’s Weekly Update (3/9-3/13)

    Hello JG Whittier Families, please see below for our most up to date news and information:



    MCAS: All parents/guardians should be aware that MCAS will run from Monday, March 30th through Friday May 22nd. ELA MCAS will be conducted first. The testing schedule will go as follows: Gr. 8 will test on Tuesday 3/31 and Thursday 4/2 (no testing on 4/1 due to early release). Gr. 7 will test on Tuesday 4/7 and Wednesday 4/8. Gr. 6 will test Tuesday 4/14 and Wednesday 4/15, and finally grade 5 will test Thursday 4/16 and Friday 4/17. It is imperative that students are present on their testing days. Please do your best to make the appropriate preparations. We will share future testing dates for Math and STE as those dates get closer. Remember as we creep closer and closer to the start of MCAS season, the past several weeks our school staff have been implementing specific interventions to help students move forward and get prepared for the MCAS. These interventions will continue up through the MCAS test.

    GRADE 7: Field trip permission slips for “My Fair Lady” are due by Tuesday, March 10. The show is at Haverhill High School on April 2 and there is no cost.

    ART NEWS: Please see below for some murals created by some of the 7th and 8th graders in art class.

    TITLE 1 NEWS: John G Whittier is a Title 1 school.  This means that we are a school that uses Title 1 funds to provide a range of services to support improving achievement for all students in academic and social/emotional learning.  We encourage all families to work in partnership with their child’s teachers to ensure student success.  The Title 1 Parent Facilitators at JGW are Jean Sargent and Jen Rubera.  Please contact them with any questions (jsargent@haverhill-ps.org and jrubera@haverhill-ps.org).

    • Mark your calendar because we’re stacking the deck in your favor!  We will be hosting a Math Practice with Playing Cards night on Wednesday, March 18th from 6-7:30 pm.  Each family will receive a deck of playing cards and learn a lot of fun games to help you with math! Notices went home with students this week.  Students, please RSVP and send in the bottom part of your form by Wednesday, March 11th. Thank you!

      JGW Event Math with Playing Cards Eng-Spa

    • As a Title 1 school, JGW works to help families understand state academic standards by providing families with materials to help improve their child’s academic achievement.  Below is a link that has family guides.  These guides to the Massachusetts learning standards help families understand what students are expected to know and be able to do by the end of each grade. Designed to help families and teachers work together to support learning, the guides are available in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.

    • http://www.doe.mass.edu/highstandards/

    COMMUNICATION: Please remember that you can reach out to your student’s teachers whenever you want an update, or have questions or concerns. It is our policy that teachers will respond to any email communication within 24 hours. If you do not hear back from staff within that time, please contact the main office. We also encourage you to utilize the student portal. We as a staff continue to make necessary changes to make sure that we are sharing as much as possible with all families through our student portal.



    VOLLEYBALL: Boys volleyball practice will Monday, 3/9 from 3-5pm. Girls volleyball practice will be Friday, 3/13 from 3-5pm. The teams will play Tuesday, 3/10 at Consentino with the boys playing first. Thursday, 3/12 is the first home game this season against Sacred Hearts with the girls playing first.

    TRACK: Track starts this week! The first practices are Wednesday morning, 3/11 and Thursday morning, 3/12 both from 7:15-8:00am in the JGW gym.  Students will report to recess after practice. Please make sure that health forms are completed and turned in by Wednesday’s practice. T-shirt orders are due by Friday, March 13th. The team has also started an Instagram page that will have information about the season. Parents and students are encouraged to follow @jgwtrackxc for updates, schedules, workouts, etc. If you have any questions please email Ms. DeLong and Mr. Marinella.



    BAND: JGW is hosting the All-City BandFest on Tuesday, March 17th in the gym. The concert begins at 6:30pm and admission is free!

    TALENT SHOW: The 2nd Annual Talent Show will be held on Thursday, April 16th at 5pm in the Cafeteria. This is intended to be a fundraiser specifically for this year’s musical, “Willy Wonka JR.” Tickets will be $5 for adults, $3 for students and seniors, and kids under 5 are free.

    MUSICAL: This year’s musical, “Willy Wonka JR.” will be on Friday, May 15th at 7:00pm, Saturday, May 16th at 12:00 pm and at 7:00 pm, and Sunday, May 17 at 5:00 pm. Email timothy.kowalewski@haverhill-ps.org or robert.gariepy@haverhill-ps.org for more information.

    The 2nd Annual Bowl-a-Thon fundraiser is at Academy Lanes on Tuesday, March 31st from 4pm – 6pm. Students who are participating should ask trusted family members and/or friends to “pledge” to donate x amount of pennies for every pin the student knocks down on the day of the event. It’s a quick, fun, and easy way to raise money for all future endeavors of the Music Department, and it includes 2 games of bowling, pizza, soda, and arcade games. If you’re interested in participating, email Mr. G at robert.gariepy@haverhill-ps.org


    PTO:  The next PTO meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 11th from 6-7:30pm in room 10. New members are always welcome!

    Mark your calendar!  The PTO is hosting a fundraiser at Launch Trampoline Park on Friday, March 13th from 4-9pm.  20% of the ticket proceeds will be donated to the PTO. We hope you can make it!

    JGW PTO Launch Fundraiser 3_13_2020 Eng-Spa (1)

    JG Whittier PTO is now listed as a charity on AmazonSmile.  What does this mean?  You shop. Amazon gives. Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice. AmazonSmile is the same Amazon you know. Same products, same prices, same service. Support your charitable organization by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com.Please support JG Whittier PTO by using the following link when you shop,  https://smile.amazon.com/ch/90-0135139 or by selecting John Greenleaf Whittier PTO as your charity of choice.


    SITE COUNCIL: The next scheduled Site Council Meeting is Wednesday, March 11th from 3:30-5:30pm.



    GRADE 8

    Essex Tech interviews are scheduled for Thursday, March 12.  Interviews will begin promptly at 9:30am at JG Whittier.  Applicants have been notified of their interview time. GOOD LUCK TO ALL APPLICANTS ON THEIR INTERVIEWS!!
    The “Hillie For A Day” initiative allows prospective 8th grade students spend the day at Haverhill High School and see, first hand, the exciting programs and opportunities they have to offer.  It also gives students the opportunity to meet and connect with faculty, staff and students at HHS.  Parents/guardians can register their child to shadow at HHS by completing the online registration form by accessing this link:  https://forms.gle/gqWRhwGpvTfu3t5P6.  Students can also obtain a shadow request form from Mrs. Vlahos in Guidance.

    8th Grade Opportunities: 

    If you are interested in technology and computer science look no further! 
    Slots still available in Haverhill High School’s IT Vocational Programs:
    • NAF Academy of Information Technology
    • Programming and Web Development Vocational Programs

    Apply today!  http://hhs.haverhill-ps.org/cte/

    Haverhill High School Offers Three New Career Technical Education Programs Healthcare Occupations Programming & Web Development NAF Academy of Information Technology HHS 2019/20 CTE/CVTE progra…
    Questions? Contact our CTE Coordinator Victoria Kelley at vkelley@haverhill-ps.org
    Applications available online or with your middle school guidance counselor.
    ATTENDANCE: The first step to being successful in school is to show up to school daily! With the weather becoming cold and snowy, we recognize that it is more difficult to get out of bed and to school daily on time. It is imperative that students are still doing so. If you are having difficulty getting your student to school daily on time, please do not hesitate to reach out to Mr. Betty, Mrs. Vlahos, or Mrs. Midolo for support. Attendance letters will be mailed home to students who have missed 4-6 days as a reminder of the importance of being in school consistently. If a student misses 7 or more school days, a letter will be mailed to set up an attendance meeting with the school to discuss what support is needed and a plan for success moving forward. Please make every attempt to send your student to school each day, and if they do need to be out of school due to illness, please make sure doctor’s notes are shared with our main office. Thank you!


    Hola familias de JG Whittier, vea a continuación nuestras noticias e información más actualizadas:



    MCAS: Todos los padres / tutores deben tener en cuenta que MCAS se ejecutará desde el lunes 30 de marzo hasta el viernes 22 de mayo. ELA MCAS se llevará a cabo primero. El calendario de pruebas será el siguiente: Gr. 8 probará el martes 3/31 y el jueves 4/2 (no hay pruebas el 4/1 debido a la salida anticipada). Gramo. 7 probará el martes 4/7 y el miércoles 4/8. Gramo. 6 evaluará el martes 4/14 y el miércoles 4/15, y finalmente el grado 5 evaluará el jueves 4/16 y el viernes 4/17.   Es imperativo que los estudiantes estén presentes en sus días de exámenes. Por favor, haga todo lo posible para hacer los preparativos adecuados. Compartiremos fechas de exámenes futuros para Math y STE a medida que esas fechas se acerquen. Recuerde que a medida que nos acercamos más y más al comienzo de la temporada de MCAS, las últimas semanas nuestro personal escolar ha estado implementando intervenciones específicas para ayudar a los estudiantes a avanzar y prepararse para el MCAS. Estas intervenciones continuarán durante la prueba MCAS.

    GRADO 7: El martes 10 de marzo se recibirán los permisos para “My Fair Lady”. El espectáculo se realizará en Haverhill High School el 2 de abril y no tiene costo.

    NOTICIAS DE ARTE: Vea a continuación algunos murales creados por algunos de los alumnos de 7º y 8º grado en la clase de arte.


    TÍTULO 1 NOTICIAS: John G Whittier es una escuela de Título 1. Esto significa que somos una escuela que utiliza los fondos del Título 1 para proporcionar una gama de servicios para ayudar a mejorar el rendimiento de todos los estudiantes en el aprendizaje académico y social / emocional. Alentamos a todas las familias a trabajar en colaboración con los maestros de sus hijos para garantizar el éxito de los estudiantes. Los facilitadores de padres del Título 1 en JGW son Jean Sargent y Jen Rubera. Comuníquese con ellos si tiene alguna pregunta (jsargent@haverhill-ps.org y jrubera@haverhill-ps.org).

    • ¡Marque su calendario porque estamos apilando la baraja a su favor! Estaremos organizando un Noche de práctica de matemáticas con naipes el miércoles 18 de marzo de 6-7: 30 pm . ¡Cada familia recibirá una baraja de naipes y aprenderá muchos juegos divertidos para ayudarte con las matemáticas! Los avisos fueron a casa con los estudiantes esta semana. Estudiantes, por favor confirme su asistencia y envíe la parte inferior de su formulario por Miércoles 11 de marzo . ¡Gracias!

      JGW Event Math con naipes Eng-Spa

    • Como escuela de Título 1, JGW trabaja para ayudar a las familias a comprender los estándares académicos del estado al proporcionarles a las familias materiales para ayudar a mejorar el rendimiento académico de sus hijos. A continuación hay un enlace que tiene guías familiares. Estas guías de los estándares de aprendizaje de Massachusetts ayudan a las familias a comprender lo que se espera que los estudiantes sepan y puedan hacer al final de cada grado. Diseñadas para ayudar a las familias y los maestros a trabajar juntos para apoyar el aprendizaje, las guías están disponibles en inglés, español, portugués brasileño y chino simplificado.

    • http://www.doe.mass.edu/highstandards/

    COMUNICACIÓN: Recuerde que puede comunicarse con los maestros de su estudiante cuando quiera una actualización o si tiene preguntas o inquietudes. Es nuestra política que los maestros respondan a cualquier comunicación por correo electrónico dentro de las 24 horas. Si no recibe respuesta del personal dentro de ese tiempo, comuníquese con la oficina principal. También lo alentamos a utilizar el portal del estudiante. Nosotros, como personal, continuamos haciendo los cambios necesarios para asegurarnos de compartir lo más posible con todas las familias a través de nuestro portal estudiantil.


    VÓLEIBOL: La práctica de voleibol para niños será el lunes 3/9 de 3-5pm. La práctica de voleibol femenino será el viernes 3/13 de 3-5pm. Los equipos jugarán el martes 3/10 en Consentino con los niños jugando primero. El jueves 3/12 es el primer juego en casa esta temporada contra Sacred Hearts con las niñas jugando primero.

    PISTA: ¡La pista comienza esta semana! Las primeras prácticas son el miércoles por la mañana, 3/11 y el jueves por la mañana, 3/12, ambas de 7: 15-8: 00am en el gimnasio JGW. Los estudiantes se presentarán al recreo después de la práctica. Asegúrese de que los formularios de salud estén completos y entregados por la práctica del miércoles. Los pedidos de camisetas deben presentarse antes del viernes 13 de marzo. El equipo también ha comenzado una página de Instagram que tendrá información sobre la temporada. Se alienta a los padres y estudiantes a seguir @jgwtrackxc para actualizaciones, horarios, entrenamientos, etc. Si tiene alguna pregunta, envíe un correo electrónico a la Sra. DeLong y al Sr. Marinella.



    BANDA: JGW organizará el All-City BandFest el martes 17 de marzo en el gimnasio. ¡El concierto comienza a las 6:30 pm y la entrada es gratis!

    CONCURSO DE TALENTOS: El segundo show anual de talentos se llevará a cabo el jueves 16 de abril a las 5pm en la cafetería. Se pretende que sea una recaudación de fondos específicamente para el musical de este año, “Willy Wonka JR”. Los boletos serán de $ 5 para adultos, $ 3 para estudiantes y adultos mayores, y los niños menores de 5 años son gratis.

    MUSICAL: El musical de este año, “Willy Wonka JR”. será el viernes 15 de mayo a las 7:00 p.m., el sábado 16 de mayo a las 12:00 p.m. y a las 7:00 p.m. y el domingo 17 de mayo a las 5:00 p.m. Email timothy.kowalewski@haverhill-ps.org robert.gariepy@haverhill-ps.org para más información.

    La segunda recaudación anual de fondos de Bowl-a-Thon se llevará a cabo en Academy Lanes el martes 31 de marzo de 4pm a 6pm. Los estudiantes que participan deben pedirles a familiares y / o amigos de confianza que se “comprometan” a donar x cantidad de centavos por cada alfiler que el estudiante derriba el día del evento. Es una forma rápida, divertida y fácil de recaudar dinero para todos los esfuerzos futuros del Departamento de Música, e incluye 2 juegos de bolos, pizza, refrescos y juegos de arcade. Si está interesado en participar, envíe un correo electrónico al Sr. G al robert.gariepy@haverhill-ps.org


    Toma de fuerza: La próxima reunión del PTO está programada para el miércoles 11 de marzo de 6-7: 30pm en el salón 10. ¡Los nuevos miembros son siempre bienvenidos!

    ¡Marca tu calendario! El PTO está organizando una recaudación de fondos en Launch Trampoline Park el viernes 13 de marzo de 4 a 9 pm. El 20% de los ingresos del boleto serán donados al PTO. ¡Esperamos que puedas hacerlo!

    JGW PTO Launch Fundraiser 3_13_2020 Eng-Spa (1)

    JG Whittier PTO ahora aparece como una organización benéfica en AmazonSmile. ¿Qué significa esto? Tú compras. Amazon da. Amazon dona 0.5% del precio de su elegible AmazonSmile compras a la organización caritativa de su elección. AmazonSmile Es la misma Amazon que conoces. Los mismos productos, los mismos precios, el mismo servicio. Apoye a su organización benéfica comenzando sus compras en smile.amazon.com. Apoye a JG Whittier PTO mediante el siguiente enlace cuando compre, https://smile.amazon.com/ch/90-0135139 o seleccionando John Greenleaf Whittier PTO como su organización benéfica de elección.


    CONSEJO DEL SITIO: La próxima reunión programada del Consejo del sitio es el miércoles 11 de marzo de 3: 30-5: 30pm.



    GRADO 8

    Las entrevistas de Essex Tech están programadas para el jueves 12 de marzo. Las entrevistas comenzarán puntualmente a las 9:30 am en JG Whittier. Los solicitantes han sido notificados de su tiempo de entrevista. BUENA SUERTE A TODOS LOS SOLICITANTES EN SUS ENTREVISTAS !!


    La iniciativa “Hillie For A Day” permite que los futuros estudiantes de 8º grado pasen el día en la Haverhill High School y vean de primera mano los emocionantes programas y oportunidades que tienen para ofrecer. También les brinda a los estudiantes la oportunidad de conocer y conectarse con el profesorado, el personal y los estudiantes de HHS. Los padres / tutores pueden registrar a su hijo en la sombra en HHS completando el formulario de registro en línea accediendo a este enlace: https://forms.gle/gqWRhwGpvTfu3t5P6 . Los estudiantes también pueden obtener un formulario de solicitud sombra de la Sra. Vlahos en Orientación.

    Oportunidades de octavo grado:

    Si estás interesado en la tecnología y la informática, ¡no busques más!


    Las ranuras aún están disponibles en los programas vocacionales de TI de Haverhill High School:

    • Academia NAF de Tecnología de la Información
    • Programación y desarrollo web Programas vocacionales

    ¡Aplica hoy! http://hhs.haverhill-ps.org/cte/

    Educación Técnica Profesional (CTE) | High School secundaria de Haverhill

    La Escuela Secundaria Haverhill ofrece tres nuevos programas de educación técnica profesional Programación de ocupaciones de atención médica y desarrollo web Academia NAF de Tecnología de la Información HHS 2019/20 CTE / CVTE progra…


    Preguntas? Póngase en contacto con nuestra Coordinadora de CTE, Victoria Kelley, en vkelley@haverhill-ps.org

    Las solicitudes están disponibles en línea o con su consejero de la escuela secundaria.


    ASISTENCIA: ¡El primer paso para tener éxito en la escuela es presentarse a la escuela todos los días! Con el clima frío y nevoso, reconocemos que es más difícil levantarse de la cama y ir a la escuela todos los días a tiempo. Es imperativo que los estudiantes sigan haciéndolo. Si tiene dificultades para llevar a su estudiante a la escuela a tiempo todos los días, no dude en comunicarse con el Sr. Betty, la Sra. Vlahos o la Sra. Midolo para obtener ayuda. Las cartas de asistencia se enviarán por correo a los estudiantes que hayan faltado de 4 a 6 días como recordatorio de la importancia de estar en la escuela constantemente. Si un estudiante pierde 7 o más días escolares, se enviará una carta por correo para programar una reunión de asistencia con la escuela para discutir qué apoyo se necesita y un plan para el éxito en el futuro. Haga todo lo posible para enviar a su hijo a la escuela todos los días, y si necesita estar fuera de la escuela debido a una enfermedad, asegúrese de compartir las notas del médico con nuestra oficina principal. ¡Gracias!


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