The JGW Drama Club

Exec. Director & JGW Music Teacher

Mr. Robert D. Gariepy III

co-Director of Student Social & Emotional Support

Ms. Madalyn Hanson

Voted Haverhill’s BEST After-School Program 2023


The JGW Drama Club is preparing to produce Disney’s Descendants the Musical this Spring!! To purchase copyrights to the performance, we’ll need a base cost of over $3,000. That’s just to purchase the scripts for rehearsal and the rights to perform the show. We’ll need an additional $1,000 or more to purchase costumes as well. Any donation is a huge help for our kids. Please consider a donation before December 1st to show your support for Haverhill’s Best After-School Program 2023!!


Auditions for Disney’s Descendants the Musical are January 8th, 9th, & 10th and are OPEN to any g. 3-12 student in Haverhill!!

See the Rules & Regulations listed below for more information

The JGW Drama Club has been operating since the Spring of 2018 and has always been a district-wide program. At one point, The JGW Drama Club was the only middle school drama club producing musicals in Haverhill.

Today, Haverhill Public Schools has expanded their network of theatrical programs to include Hunking (est. 2021), Nettle (est. 2022), and now Consentino (est. 2023).

Rules & Regulations of The JGW Drama Club:

  1. All students who are in grades 3-12 and live in Haverhill are welcome to participate in The JGW Drama Club. If your child has a drama club at their own school, it’s common courtesy to speak to the director about joining our club as well. Our drama club operates outside the time frames of ALL drama clubs in Haverhill Public Schools to ensure that everyone can participate if they want to, and we will always make sure to accommodate this in the future.
  2. DIGITAL MEDIA AGREEMENT: All families of The JGW Drama Club agree to the performance requirement of allowing Mr. Gariepy, The JGW Drama Club, Haverhill Public Schools, and their affiliates to photograph and videotape my child for promotional purposes; that is, to be posted on and, and in the news.
  3. The JGW Drama Club is to be an example of excellent behavior and good academic standing, and all members must abide by this policy.
  4. The families of JGW Drama promise to attend all rehearsals as outlined by Mr. Gariepy, every week until closing night as outlined in the rehearsal schedule. The families of JGW Drama understand that if more than 2 rehearsals are missed for any production that the performer may be removed from the show. The families of JGW Drama also understand that good behavior is important, and the performer may be placed on probation or removed from the show if behavior suffers while participating in this club.

Haverhill’s 59th Annual Santa Parade!! (Click here to watch the full march on recording)


Pictures from The Santa Parade

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JGW Drama's 6th Annual Winter Concert on Friday, December 15th @ 4pm


Meet us in the Cafeteria at JGW on Friday, December 15th @ 4:00pm for an evening of musical performances you’ll never forget!! Join The JGW Drama Club as they embark on a journey through musical songs from The Addams Family, Into the Woods, and Matilda. There will also be some hit holiday classics tossed into the mix. Buy now and save at the door!!


The JGW Drama Club has been active at J.G. Whittier Middle School since 2018. The club has produced Hairspray Jr., Willy Wonka Jr., Moana Jr.,  The Lion King Jr.,  Matilda the Musical, Into the Woods Jr., and most recently The Addams Family Young@Part. The drama club also hosts an annual talent show and chorus concert, both of which help to provide funds for the club in return. These efforts have led to complete self-sustainability without the need of additional funding.

Since established in 2018, The JGW Drama Club has gross profited over $25,000. This past year, The JGW Drama Club was voted HAVERHILL’S BEST AFTER-SCHOOL PROGRAM 2023 by The Eagle Tribune and The Haverhill Gazette.

JGW Drama Merch-Raiser!!

JGW Drama Founder & Exec. Director, Mr. Robert Gariepy III (B.A. Music, Bridgewater State University & Haverhill High Class of 2014)

(YMCA Educator of the Year Nominee 2023) Mr. Robert Gariepy III has been the music teacher at JGW since August 2018. An HHS and JGW alumni (JGW ’08-’10 & HHS Class of 2014), Mr. Gariepy has a B.A. in Music from Bridgewater State University and teaches private music lessons in downtown Haverhill at the Be Imagine Music Studio. He specializes in professional voice instruction and beginners piano.

Mr. G has been the sole stage director, music director, and choreographer for various productions including Hairspray Jr. (2019), Willy Wonka Jr. (2021), Moana Jr. (2022), The Lion King Jr. (2022), Matilda the Musical (2023), Into the Woods Jr. (2023), and The Addams Family Young@Part (2023). He has also starred in local productions like Firehouse Newburyport’s RENT (Role: Benny, 2021) and Pentucket Players’ Into the Woods (Role: Wolf/Cinderella’s Prince, 2021).

“I strive to provide the opportunities I craved to have when I went to school in Haverhill as a child. I can’t imagine being anywhere else in my life other than where I am today.” -Mr. Gariepy, JGW Music Teacher

JGW Drama co-Director of Student Social & Emotional Support, Ms. Maddie Hanson (HHS 2021)

Ms. Madalyn Hanson has been the co-Director of The JGW Drama Club with Mr. G since their production of Moana Jr. in 2022. She now works daily at Whittier Middle School in the 8th grade as an ESP and loves being able to connect with students, both in the classroom and on the stage.

Ms. Hanson is a former student of the American Musical & Dramatic Academy in Manhattan, having spent over a year developing her professional vocal and acting technique in a professional, Broadway-level atmosphere.

Some of Maddie’s previous theatrical roles include playing Maureen in Haverhill High School’s HONK! (2021) and Miss Honey in JGW Drama’s Matilda (2023).

“My biggest joy is to be able to take the experience I gained in NYC and apply it to the experiences that the children are having, both on the stage and in the classroom.” -Ms. Hanson, JGW ESP