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I am available to connect with and support all students and families throughout the school week.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via phone (978-374-5782) or email (  I look forward to working with you all in support of  a healthy, safe and successful school year!
Mrs. Vlahos
Welcome Note

I want to welcome both the new and all returning Poets to our school community.

  • As the School Counselor I am available to assist and help all students throughout the school day as needed.
  • A teacher or parent/guardian may refer a student to me for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to issues relating to academic achievement, social/emotional development and the high school transition.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me this school year.

Mrs. Vlahos’s School Counseling Connection Letter (English/Spanish) 

Jacqueline Vlahos

School Counselor
Suffolk University, M.Ed School Counseling
University of Massachusetts- Amherst, B.S.

About Mrs. Vlahos

I grew up in Haverhill and was educated in the Haverhill Public Schools, graduating from HHS in 2003.  I still live in Haverhill with my husband and two young daughters.  I have been working in the Haverhill Schools for 10 years and at JG Whittier for the past 9 years.  When I am not at work I enjoy soaking up time with my family and friends, relaxing with a good cup of coffee, enjoying the outdoors with my daughters and neighbors, going for walks and bike rides with my family, and cooking crock pot meals on the weekends.  I enjoy both living and working in this community and find it rewarding to give back to the amazing Haverhill students and families each day.

I come from a family of educators; education has always been a priority and value in my life.  The idea of becoming  a school counselor dawned on me when I was in high school going through the college transition process.  It was then that I began meeting with my high school counselor and began reflecting on my own personal skills and goals and realized this career intrigued me. I always knew I loved working with and helping people and am fortunate to be doing that today.

HHS Course Registration Information for 8th Grade Students

HPS Incoming 9th Grade Course Selection Letter from HHS (English)

HPS Incoming 9th Grade Course Selection Letter from HHS (Spanish)

HHS Guide to Choosing Grade 9 Classes (English)

HHS Guide to Choosing Grade 9 Classes (Spanish)

The attachments above include the Haverhill High course selection booklet with guidance for 8th grade students to choose electives for their 9th grade year at HHS (forms translated in English and Spanish).  There is also an attachment with descriptions of all elective courses available to grade 9 students (one in English and the other in Spanish).

At this time, 8th grade students and families can review the information and may begin the process of choosing HHS electives remotely, at home, if desired.   If you have questions regarding course selection and elective options at Haverhill High School, feel free to contact me via email at

High School Transition Note

High School Transition Presentation Slides (English/Spanish)

Haverhill High School Specialty Programs (English)

Haverhill High School Specialty Programs (Spanish)

Each fall I work closely with the 8th grade students to prepare them for high school.  I visit all 7th & 8th grade classes to discuss the transition to high school.  I am also available for individual check ins with students and parents/guardians, to answer questions about high school transition, options and the application process.  Please stay connected and feel free to contact me with any question as you navigate this process.

If your child is going to apply to a high school, please send in all the required documents with a parent/guardian signature to authorize the release of required records for admissions.  These records include report cards, as well as standardized tests score reports, attendance and behavior reports.  I require at least a two week window to complete application packets. Please contact me at 978-374-5782 or by email at if you have any questions.

Essex Tech Admissions Info:

Whittier Tech Admissions Info:

HHS Programs Info & Applications

Resources & Tools

Practice Interview Questions (English)

Practice Interview Questions (Spanish)