Principal’s Weekly Update (10/11-10/15)



  • PROGRESS REPORTS: Your student’s progress report will be available to view online through the student/parent portal starting Tuesday, October, 12th at 3pm. Please follow these directions to gain access:


  • Go to HPS main page:
    • Click on Parent & Student Resources
    • Click on Parent & Student Portal Login
    • Click Log-in
    • Use your student’s username & password to login
    • Click on Student Portal (top of page)
    • Select Report Cards/Progress Reports
    • Click Download

Parent/Teacher Conferences: Parent/Teacher Conferences are scheduled for next Thursday, October 14th from 5-6:30pm. All of these conferences will be held virtually. Please be on the lookout for communication from your student’s teachers on how to sign up.


HAVERHILL PUBLIC SCHOOLS HANDBOOK (K-8): Please click on the link below to be connected to our up to date handbook for grades K-8:

WATER BOTTLES: Please make sure that your student(s) are bringing a water bottle to school every day. We do have filling stations that you can use throughout the day. At this time we are out of cups due to the volume of students that are asking on a daily basis. It would be greatly appreciated if students brought in their own water bottles to make sure they remain hydrated throughout the day. Thank you.

MASKS: As we continue to adhere to the Massachusetts’s State Mandate that all people (students, staff, visitors) are required to wear a mask in the school building, we ask that you please send your student’s to school with a spare mask. Many students are not coming to school with a mask or have been breaking their masks and need new one’s throughout the school day. We would appreciate families sending students with an extra mask each day. Thank you!


 JGW Chromebook Policy

We understand that “things happen” and from time-to-time students will forget to charge their Chromebook or leave it at home.  Unfortunately, this is becoming a habit for some students and is happening far too often overall.  Students were made aware at the beginning of the school year that the expectation is for ALL students to bring their fully-charged Chromebook to school each day.

The supply of extra Chromebooks is limited.  Because of this, we are implementing a borrowing policy here at JGW for Chromebooks and chargers.  Students who forget their Chromebooks, bring them to school uncharged, or do not return a borrowed Chromebook the same day will be given consequences as follows:

First Offense: Student will be issued a warning

Second Offense: Parents/Guardians will be called

Third Offense or More:  Student will be given after-school detention

**These consequences will reset for all students each trimester.

If a student loses or damages a Chromebook or charger and  the student needs to be issued another device, the family will be charged a fee for the replacement.  Typically, the Chromebook replacement fee will be $199.00 and the charger replacement fee will be $39.00.

It is very important for students to come to school with charged and functioning Chromebooks.  The devices are used in most, if not all classes; including music and art.  We are asking families to be partners with the JGW in this, and remind your children to charge their Chromebooks and bring them to school every day.

 School Start Time: Please be aware that the school day begins at 8:30am sharp. If you drop your students off to school please make sure that they are arriving by 8:25am to avoid being late. Feel free to begin dropping students off at any time after 8:05am. We appreciate your attention to this matter.

Attendance: A reminder to all families that if your student will be absent for the day, please make sure to call the main office (978-374-5782) to notify the school. Thank you.

 Dress Code: We receive many questions about our school’s dress code. We would ask that all families please review the Haverhill Public Schools Dress Code Policy with their students in order to ensure that it is properly being followed. Thank you for your attention to this. Please find a copy of the HPS Dress Code Policy below:

Dress Code Policy (HPS)



Our JGW PTO is launching our 2021-2022 cookie fundraiser with Adrenaline Fundraising from October 8th to October 25th. A Form for how to sign up and sell cookies went home with all students on Friday, October 8th. This form was also emailed to all families earlier this week with all of the necessary details. Please see below for the form & this year’s prizes:

_ JG Whittier Cookie Fundraiser Instructions 2021

_ JG Whittier Cookie Fundraiser Prizes 2021

2001-2022 PTO Meeting Dates · September 8th · October 13th · November 10th · December 8th · January 12th · February 9th · March 9th · April 14th · May 11th · June 8th


SOCCER: Congratulations to both of our soccer teams on their victories over Nettle this week! The next Soccer matches for boys & girls are scheduled for Wednesday, October 13th at Hunking. The boys will be playing first.

CROSS COUNTRY: Runners are getting ready to compete!! Please stay tuned for a schedule that outlines the rest of the season.  This will be given out at our next practice at 7:30 AM (JGW) on Tuesday, October 12th

SKI CLUB: Ski Club takes place Fridays, starting on January 7th and runs for 6 weeks

-Lift tickets are valid from 3pm-7pm.

-Transportation to and from the mountain must be provided by parents

-Ski club members must be able to ride the ski lift and ski/snowboard independently in order to participate in the program.

-Parent Lodge Monitors will be onsite for the duration of Ski Club to assist the students in the lodge.

-Ski Club enrollment packets and payment will be due Friday, November 12th.

-Please email Ski Club Coordinator Amie Moscaritolo with any questions.

There will be a parent information meeting here at JGW on Tuesday 10/19 from 6-7



DANCE TEAM: I am so happy with the turnout for Whittier’s First Ever… DANCE TEAM! All dancers received a packet of information and permission slips that need to be filled out. We begin Choreography on our Hunger Games large group contemporary piece while also beginning our Jazz and Musical Theatre pieces as well. You are still welcome to join team even if you missed the Introduction Meeting- see Mrs. Hamel for your paperwork. All dancers should meet in the gym after school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please wear comfortable dance clothes and be ready for warm up by 3:00 pm. Bring water bottles! I am so excited to be on this Dance Journey with you all!

DISCOVERY CLUB: Discovery Club Flyer 2021-2022

NATIONAL JUNIOR HONOR SOCIETY: The NJHS will be holding a canned food and a dignity bag drive.  We will be collecting any canned or boxed food, and any toiletries from October 12 through November 12. Please bring in the items to room 11.  All items will be donated to the Universalist Unitarian Church and given to families that are in need.  Thank you for your help with this.  Our Next meeting will be Thursday October 14 from 2:45-3:30

JR VIP: Meetings are twice a month and will be announced on the Jr VIP google classroom as well as morning announcements.   Our next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, October 20th, from 2:45 to 3:45 pm.

DUNGEONS & DRAGONS CLUB: DnD club will be meeting next tuesday, 10/13, in room 13. This week our focus is character creation!

Willy Wonka Jr. Mr. Gariepy is hosting a Bowling Night at Academy Lanes on Friday, October 15th from 3:30pm – 5:30pm!! Money was due this past Friday the 8th, but Mr. Gariepy will accept last minute sign-ups on Tuesday the 12th the absolute latest. This is a fundraiser for our upcoming musical, Willy Wonka Jr. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please reach out to Mr. G at



Hi Parents/Guardians! We would like to take the time to just review when your child can come to school.

If students are presenting with ONE of the following symptoms please keep them home and notify school nurse:

  • fever/chills
  • difficulty breathing/shortness of breath
  • new loss of taste or smell
  • muscle aches or body aches

If students have TWO of the following symptoms please keep them home and notify school nurse:

  • cough (not due to other known causes)
  • nausea
  • headache
  • fatigue
  • nasal congestion/runny nose (not due to other known causes)

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

-Nurse Erin and Nurse Liz


MEDICATIONS/INHALERS: A reminder to all parents that students cannot self carry medication of any kind without physician orders and an active administration plan in place developed with the school nurse. Please reach out to our nurse’s office with any questions.




Ms. Simes: Grade 5 Math/Science (Blue/Purple Group) This week in math, students worked on modeling adding and subtracting decimals using a decimal grid.  Additionally, they have begun to use the standard algorithm steps for adding decimals.  Next week, we will work on subtracting decimals and will culminate our learning with a quiz.  In science, students continue to make connections as we look at how plants get matter and energy for growth.  They also, have begun to chart observations on their data sheet for their Explore Lab.  This week, after school help will be on Tuesday from 2:45 – 3:20 p.m.  As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at  Have an enjoyable long weekend.

Ms. Marciano: ELA: We will be reading the final two chapters of “Fish in a Tree”. Students will have a choice of 3 different projects they can create for their culminating projects. Projects will be worked on in class Tuesday – Friday and will be due at the end of ELA classes on Friday, 10/15

SS: We will be learning about the Columbian Exchange and the different Spanish explorers. We will discuss the positive and negative effects of the Columbian Exchange to people in the Americas.

Ms. Hogan: This week in social studies, we continued to discuss the impact that European exploration had on the Americas. We discussed explorers like Hernán Cortés, Francisco Pizarro, and Henry Hudson. Next week, we will learn about the settlements that the English, Dutch, and French established in North America. At the end of next week, we will be having a quiz on the Columbian Exchange, the Spanish conquistadors, and the European settlements that were established in North America.

Ms. LaCoste: Red, Orange, Yellow, and Green ELA students have really enjoyed our novel, How to Steal a Dog this week.  They are enthusiastic learners and have continued to impress me with their skills.  This week we practiced some comprehension strategies, such as “turn and talk” for them to quickly share thoughts and questions with a peer.  They also worked on “Writing about thinking”, where they practiced using text evidence to answer questions about our reading.

As a reminder, book reports, which were assigned 3 weeks ago, are due on October 27.  Please let me know if you need any support with these projects.  I will be offering extra help on Tuesdays (10/12, 10/9, & 10/26) for the next few weeks as we approach the due date.  Students can meet me from 2:45-3:15 in room 4.  If you choose to have your student participate, please pick them up promptly at 3:15.

Progress reports will be visible on Tuesday, October 12 and parent teacher conferences are on Thursday, October 14.  Please be on the lookout for an email with instructions on how to sign up if you’d like to discuss your student’s progress. As always, please feel free to reach out with any and all questions.

Ms. Consolazio: In science, students will be writing their first CER independently.  It will be due on Wednesday.  We continue to learn about matter and energy in plants.  We will have our second experiment next week on if plants can grow with only water and air.  Please make sure students have their Chromebooks charged every day.

Mr. Kelly: We have just finished our first unit for the year. We will be moving into Multiplying with Whole Numbers and Decimals. This unit will last the next couple of weeks and afterwards we will move into Division. As a reminder, there is homework every Monday through Thursday. It is all due at the end of Friday every week. Starting next week, I will open my room up on Tuesdays and Thursdays mornings to provide extra help.

Ms. Lees: In fifth grade ELA the Orange and Green groups will continue to read How to Steal a Dog using

Reading is Thinking strategies – Summarizing, Connecting, Visualizing, Inferring, Predicting, and

Questioning as well as exploring different ways of how to talk and write about their reading.

Math students will begin multi-digit multiplication. Those students with individual goals will

continue towards achievement. Please reach out if after school or before school help will

support your student.

Ms. Blanchette: Students are hard at work learning grade level material. Progress reports will be sent home next week. Please make sure that your student is up to date with all their assignments. If you have any questions please reach out to me. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at Parent/Teacher conferences.



 GRADE 6 Social Studies: Classes have taken a quick hiatus on their Adventure to Asia to cover the Neolithic Period in more depth. Students have taken time to see how impactful the Agricultural Revolution was on early people. Leaving the Nomadic life to forming villages, containing fire and the invention of the wheel turned life around drasitically and students are making connections from this period of time to their own lives today. Students are working in groups to create villages that include all of the important lifestyle changes the Neolithic People experienced.
We will be working on DBQ’s next week (Writing an essay to Document Based Questions).

Ms. Hamel: Students have been working on the Latin Prefixes of Bi and Tri this week. We have been beginning each class with finding grammar mistakes and correcting them. We have also been working on Character Traits, both Internal and External. Students are creating Character Trait Posters and writing reflections. We will head back to Chapters 7-9 of The Lightning Thief next week. Lots going on and very proud of our Grade Six Readers and Writers!

 Ms. Silveira: This week in science, we figured out that mass and distance affect the strength of gravitational forces. Next week, we will be seeing how gravity and weight are related to this.

In math, we are moving on to dividing fractions. Please make sure your child is practicing their multiplication facts.

Please check School Brains weekly for your child’s grades! And there are only a few spots left for Parent Teacher Conferences for next Thursday. If you are unable to make an appointment, email me and we can set something up.

Mr. Taylor: We will be studying character traits and trying to define our own. We will also be working with some prefixes and suffixes with some grammar attached.

Mr. LeGrand: Our focus this week will be on multiplying and dividing fractions.  Students will use models to multiply or divide fractions.  They will learn to multiply the numerators and denominators to find the product of two fractions and use equations to divide fractions.

Ms. Lane: The students are learning how to think like a Scientist by using the Claim Evidence and Reasoning (CER) discipline and learning how to use their Investigative Phenomena documents. Students will learn how to record their thoughts about the Student Wondering of Phenomena question during their investigations of important Science Discoveries, during their mission of Gravity and Planets.

Ms. Tarbox: In Math, we have been continuing to build our skills, practicing division of decimals and word problems.  Weekly multiplication fact timed tests have started and we can’t wait to see the progress this year!  In ELA, we are excited to continue with Percy’s wild ride while wrapping up our unit on character traits.  Pull-out services have been delivered consistently and I have enjoyed getting to know families of our amazing JGW students! Please feel free to email me anytime,



 Mrs. Berthiaume: In ELA, we are moving along with StudySync, our new app. We had some very good discussions about conflict, which was our topic.  In Social Studies, we watched a moving Brain Pop video about Gandhi.  Since our two subjects intertwined, students wrote about how to keep the peace on large puzzle pieces, which are now fitted together and hanging on our classroom bulletin board.  There was also a walk for peace last Saturday in Haverhill.  Everything tied in together!

Mrs. Trombly: We continue to work on rational numbers specifically with fractions this week. Next week we will concentrate on rational numbers with decimals. Students will quiz on adding and subtracting rational numbers early next week.

Mrs. MacKinnon: We have just finished our unit on competition.  The students did a great job explaining what ALL organisms compete for.  We are next moving onto Relationships in ecosystems.  They will be describing the types of mutualistic relationship both good and bad that organisms face in the ecosystems.  They will also Describe how relationships among and between organisms in an ecosystem can be competitive, predatory, parasitic, and mutually beneficial and that these interactions are found across multiple ecosystems. We have a couple fun activities to do in this section. Hope everyone has a nice long weekend

Ms. DiGloria: This week in Blue and Green Social Studies, students will be learning about the three major religions of Ancient India: Jainism, Buddhism, and Hinduism. Students will do some research and make a project using an online program, Canva, to showcase their learning. In English, we will continue to read The Monsters are Due on Maple Street, and engaging in activities surrounding conflict, mood, and tone. Progress reports will come out on Tuesday, and parent teacher conferences will be on Thursday. Stay tuned for more information, and please keep track of your student’s progress using the Portal and their Google Classroom.

Mr. Auger: Hello everyone!  This week in my 7th grade science class, we finished up our unit on the competition of ecosystems.  We finished the week with a quiz on the topic.  Next week we will be starting our next unit, relationships in ecosystems.  In my 7th grade social studies class, we have been learning a lot about the different civilizations of Ancient India.  We have also been discussing the different religions and cultures that are found in this region.  We will continue to expand our knowledge of this region next week.  Have a great long weekend!!

 Mr. Harris: Blue & Green – Students have circled back to their rules for adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing with positives and negatives.  This past week we have worked with rational numbers (whole, fractions, and decimals).  Students will be focused this week on solving problems involving multiple operations.  We are also at the close of this Unit, so expect a test at the end of this week/beginning of next week.

 Ms. Bilmazes & Ms. Holmes: Mrs. Holmes and I have been meeting, during the success block, with those students who have pull-out support in Math and ELA. In addition, students are receiving support in the classroom from myself, Mrs. Holmes, and/or Ms. Credit. In ELA, students have finished reading the story Stargirl  and are wrapping up comprehensive questions, as well as writing paragraphs in regards to the story. In Math, students are working on multiplying and dividing positive and negative decimals and fractions, having just completed a quiz on adding and subtracting decimals and fractions. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions. Have a wonderful long weekend!



 Mr. Lewis: ELA has finished Flowers For Algernon. We are working on our first essay, which focuses on whether Charlie’s increased intelligence is a good or bad thing. Students are learning the basics of paragraph structure, transitions, and finding textual evidence to support their claims.

Ms. Deblasis: We will be wrapping up our Topic 1: Real Numbers unit next week.  We will be finishing with understanding scientific notation and operations with scientific notation.

Mr. Marinella: ELA– Hello! ELA is in the midst of wrapping up our first unit!!! We will focus all of our new knowledge into an essay that will teach readers about elements of mystery that we have seen! Each unit wrap will include a written assignment. This piece of writing will be created using information from texts  we have read, our own background knowledge, and ideas we have shared as a class. Writing is a slow process and we will take our time to get something students can be proud of. I encourage all parents to ask how students’ graphic organizers are coming along! The due date is getting closer and this a big grade!!

Civics– Civics has been trying to answer one question recently; why did we need our independence from Great Britain? Looking at primary and secondary sources will help us solve this mystery. Students will read, watch, and discuss important events in our nation’s political history to identify how we got here, and how we got free!

Ms. Sullivan: We finished our unit on Astronomy and had a test last Thursday. Next week we will start working on Ocean Currents. Please email me with any questions or concerns

Mr. Harris: Blue & Purple – Students finished the week looking at how to estimate very large or very small quantities using Scientific Notation.  We are going to shift our focus on how to do our operations with numbers in Scientific Notation.  This is the last section in this Unit, so be prepared for a test at the end of this week/beginning of next week.

Ms. MacKinnon: Students have finished up their astronomy lesson and are moving onto Earth’s materials.  The students will be investigating What processes cause the cycling of Earth’s materials?  They will do this by Using a model to illustrate that energy from Earth’s interior drives convection that cycles Earth’s crust, leading to melting, crystallization, weathering, and deformation of large rock formations, including generation of ocean sea floor at ridges, submergence of ocean sea floor at trenches, mountain building, and active volcanic chains.  Hope everyone has a nice long weekend!

Ms. Senior: In Mathematics, we’ve got the power, namely the power of 10. Students are estimating quantities, identifying the base number to determine decimal placement and learning a negative exponent isn’t always bad.  ELA students are responding to text via exploring essay writing, which includes but is not limited to, a thesis paragraph, three supporting paragraphs and a summative conclusion paragraph. Reading outside of school is encouraged for students’ vocabulary augmentation.

Ms. Blanchette: Students are hard at work learning grade level material. Progress reports will be sent home next week. Please make sure that your student is up to date with all their assignments. If you have any questions please reach out to me. We look forward to seeing you on Thursday at Parent/Teacher conferences.



Physical Education: (Mr. Demarais): Our classes are currently working on a team sports unit.  Soccer, lacrosse, and floor hockey.  I will be adding team handball to this unit.  As always make sure all students remember to bring a water bottle and appropriate clothing for the weather.

Art (Ms. Boulger): The students in 5,6,7,8 red and green groups have been working on a variety of assignments such as paintings, flip book drawings and murals. The art department is looking for some new/used frames as well as used/ unused jars to store mixed paint.

Artwork by Emiily A.


Health (Ms. Reynolds): Health grade 5 – We are finishing our Bullying Unit and beginning our Substance Abuse Unit.  Students will learn about drugs that help us and drugs that hurt us.

Health grade 6 – We are finishing off our First Aid Unit with First Aid Kit information, a game to end the unit and lastly, we will be making our own first aid kits.

Health grade 7 – This week we are beginning our Cyber Awareness Unit.  Students will learn about the dangers of online scams.  We will discuss how to keep our information private.

Health grade 8 – We are continuing on with the Mental Health Unit and will be talking about Anxiety and Depression this week.

Music (Mr. Gariepy): Mr. Gariepy is hosting a Bowling Night at Academy Lanes on Friday, October 15th from 3:30pm – 5:30pm!! Money was due this past Friday the 8th, but Mr. Gariepy will accept last minute sign-ups on Tuesday the 12th the absolute latest. This is a fundraiser for our upcoming musical, Willy Wonka Jr. If you are interested in helping out in any way, please reach out to Mr. G at

In Music class, students learned how to play piano with the new instruments we received this year. I taught them that there is a numerical pattern in the black keys of “2 – 3 – 2 – 3” etc. and that they can use this pattern to find C on the piano. I also showed them how their fingers have numbers associated with them (thumb is 1, pointer is 2, etc. on both hands) and that they can use their finger numbers to learn how to play the piano easier. I also taught them what a whole step and a half step on the piano is, and what the major scale formula is to create a major scale. We completed piano lessons with chords and five-tone scales in C-major, and I also taught them how to play parts of “Blinding Lights” by The Weeknd and “Leave Before You Love Me” by The Jonas Brothers.

They used what I taught them to help with their work on a website called BandLab, where they created their own songs out of loops and recordings available through the website. It acts similar to GarageBand but is cross-compatible on all platforms. All students were required to submit their music through Google Classroom. This project will be reflected in the grade that they receive for their progress report on Tuesday. If you have any questions, please contact Mr. G at

Library (Ms. Michitson): Good Day Whittier families. The book contest is coming to an end on Nov 4 and I am very pleased to have had at least 96% of our students participate. First Prize for the 8th grade team $100 to be split among their group equally. First Prize for the 7,6 &5 th  grade groups will have a pizza party at lunch time.  We are continuing to learn with newspapers,students are given assignments pertaining to the newspaper that day.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

 Technology (Mr. Gordon): The technology classes are moving to new topics this week.

  • Grade 8:  Food Truck Entrepreneur Simulation using Google Apps
  • Grade 7:  Everfi Digital Citizenship
  • Grade 6:  Creating Documents & Presentations with Google Apps
  • Grade 5:  Google Apps Basics



Guidance (Ms. Vlahos): I will begin visiting all 8th grade classes to present important information on the high school options, admissions processes and the high school transition.  I look forward to meeting with the 8th grade to help guide them through this exciting time!

I continue to be available to connect with and support all students and families throughout the school week. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me at I look forward to our continued work in support of a healthy, safe, and successful school year!

Student Support Coordinator (Mr. Newell): I am available to help support students and their families in any way possible. Please email me with any questions, thank you.

Student Adjustment Counselor (Ms. Midolo): Next weeks topic will focus on “Differences between Good Friends and Toxic Friends”.  Good friends can be like members of your family. When you find friends like that, hold on tight. Unfortunately, not all are. Some are toxic — not good for you and, honestly, probably not great for the other person either. Toxic relationships can take a serious toll on you: your physical health, your emotional health, your feelings of self-worth, and even your other relationships.

Kindness Project:  Myself along with several of our 8th grade students are Kicking Off Kindness week for the staff and students here at JGW the week of October 18th thru the 24th.

The Kindness Project is a student led, adult supported effort.  Each student has been assigned a different responsibility to ensure a team momentum.  For example:  cost of inventory needed, budget,  design and execution of the project,  promotional poster design, origami production, service of coffee and donuts to teachers, and to model good citizenship behaviors throughout the building.

WE CAN USE YOUR HELP….we are in need of candy, bags AND bags of candy…of any kind.

If you are interested in donating candy (of any kind), they can be dropped off in the main office.  Thanks so much!!!

Student Adjustment Counselor (Ms. White): We continue to have great discussions about coping strategies and self-regulation techniques!  I have been enjoying continuing to get to know the students.  As always, please reach out with any questions or concerns:

Middle School Support Program (Mrs. Leydon & Mr. Diffin): Hope everyone has a great long weekend. Next week we will be talking about what it takes to be a good friend and things we look for in a friend in our groups. Please reach out with any questions or concerns!

Parent Liaison (Ms. Arias-Reyes): Si tienen una pregunta o preocupación y necesitan un intérprete no duden en contactarme. Estaré más que feliz de poder ayudarlos a comunicarse con los maestros de sus hijos y el personal de la escuela. Mi horario es de 8:30am a 3:30 pm y  mi número es 781-666-4085 y mi correo electrónico es, me pueden llamar, mandar un mensaje de texto o enviarme un correo electrónico.  También tienen la opción de llamar a la escuela directamente para contactarme o usar la aplicación Remind, esta aplicación manda los mensajes directamente a mi computadora. RECORDATORIO: NO HAY CLASES el lunes 11 de octubre de 2021 ya que es un día feriado. El programa Discovery Club empieza la semana que viene, el 12 de octubre de 2021.  ¡Que tengan un lindo fin de semana!

ELL (Ms. Khakali & Pepicelli-Raposo): Mrs. Khakali and Ms. Pepicelli are working on strategies for “Writing with Colors”. Mrs.Khakali is working on simple present tense and describing people with her students. Ms. Pepicelli is working on parts of a paragraph and transition words with her students.

Student Support Center (Mrs. Greenwood): The SSC is loving being back in the school building at JG Whittier. Students are enjoying being with their friends and having interaction with staff.  SSC this week is working on safe, appropriate boundaries and taking responsibility for one’s choices and actions. The kids are working well together and are supporting each other during the school day.  We are looking forward to some of the fun activities coming up this month. There is a pumpkin stroll and we also have the option to dress up for Halloween with the theme being Shrek.  If anyone has any questions, please reach out to Miss House or Mrs. Greenwood. WE are here to support the students and make sure they have the best year yet.

Reading Intervention Team (Ms. Guthrie, Ms. Carney, Ms. Trovato): The literacy team has started interventions with small groups during the Success Block. During this time, students are working on specific, targeted skills and strategies. A certified Reading teacher expertly runs these classes. Please reach out if you have any questions. Have a wonderful weekend.